Gorgeous Vinyl and Wood Flooring in Burlington, VT

Burlington is a large city located in Chittenden County in Vermont. With it being a place where many people live and work, they have some really nice places to buy merchandise. Burlington, VT has flooring stores that are very large. Customers have many options.

When customers visit the stores to purchase flooring, their favorite types seem to be vinyl or wood. They are amazed at how beautiful both types are. Vinyl flooring in Burlington, VT is just as long lasting and as durable as wood flooring.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring can be installed as tiles or in large sheets. The large sheets can mimic wood tones. Sometimes it is difficult to tell, at first glance, if it is vinyl or wood floor in Burlington, VT. Manufacturers now have the ability to develop high quality vinyl that is water resistant, has low maintenance and is inexpensive to make, thereby passing the lower costs down to its customers. Bright or calm colors can be bought that will accent any room and give it that special touch that you want.

Installing Vinyl Flooring

When shopping at stores for vinyl flooring in Burlington, VT, tiles or sheets can be bought. They can be used for any size room. Installers, who generally work at the place where the flooring was bought, will professionally install it. When installing both types of vinyl, the door jams and the casings have to be trimmed so that the vinyl can fit underneath. The floor molding has to be removed temporarily. Each need to have an underlayment installed before the flooring can be laid.

The large sheets of vinyl have to be cut to fit the room and glued down onto the floor when being installed. When installing vinyl tile flooring, it is better to lay it out on the room floor in quadrants. Start tilling at the room’s center part of the floor. Along the edges of the wall, the individual pieces of tile will have to be cut to fit. Always trim the tile when installing it around the heat registers. After the vinyl flooring in Burlington, VT is laid, the floor molding can be nailed back.

Many varieties of wood flooring

Customers can choose flooring in Burlington, VT from many types of wood such as Mahogany, Cherry, Oak, Pine, Bamboo and Cork, to name only a few. In today’s market, Brazilian Cherry and Tigerwood can even be bought. These all can be purchased with different shades, variations in color and wood tone. A wood floor in Burlington, VT will suit any customer’s needs or wants.

Wood flooring comes in many sizes and widths. It can be installed in your home with wood that needs to be nailed down to the sub-floor. After it is nailed down, it will need to be sanded, stained and varnished. The floor can take days to dry.

There are many types of wood floor in Burlington, VT that are finished before they leave the manufacturer. All that needs to be done when the flooring arrives at your home, is for it to be installed. This cuts out an extreme amount of time. Wood flooring that is finished before it leaves the manufacturer is just as durable and beautiful as if the entire process was done in your home. The quality is the same. Installation is not a messy and there are not anymore odors from the stains and varnish.

Residents with these types of flooring in Burlington, VT really do enjoy and love it. Whether they have chosen vinyl or wood, they know that they have gorgeous floors in all of their rooms in their homes that will last for years.

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