Thinking Of Installing Hard Wood Flooring in Woburn?

Woburn boasts several older homes with historic backgrounds. Whenever possible, preserving the old hard wood flooring in Woburn is the first choice consideration for retaining or improving home value and period authenticity. There are several floor care companies that specialize in sanding and refinishing historic wood floors in Woburn and the surrounding areas. State-of-the-art dustless sanding and EPA certified lead specialists will keep your family safe from home contamination during a restoration project involving flooring in Woburn.

Restoration of historical homes presents some problems of damage to old hardwood flooring. Woburn area homes are no exception. Termite damage and water or moisture damage can present sections of flooring that may need to be replaced. Specialized companies are available that fill the niche for handcrafted wide plank floor boards, crafted just as they were back in the 1700s using many of the same tools. Staying true to period, it is possible to match your existing floor with wood species and finish. The DIYer or contractor may prefer to get unfinished floor planks to replace damaged ones during a sanding and refinishing project of hardwood flooring in a Woburn historical home. Keeping an eye out for older homes scheduled for demolition may be another lead to acquiring replacement boards for the wood floor in a Woburn historical home.

New construction projects are easier for the homeowner or contractor to install new wood flooring. Woburn and the surrounding area including Boston have some of the best selections of companies that handle anything from laminates and engineered to 3/4 and 5/16 solid hardwood flooring. Woburn homeowners need to research the grade, subfloor construction, moisture level, and amount of traffic an area will receive. The decision to install a wood floor in a Woburn home is a wise choice for adding optimum value.

Proximity to the Atlantic Ocean means that consideration must be addressed to the moisture levels that affect hard wood flooring. Woburn homeowners need not deal with lifting and warping boards as a result of summer humidity from ocean breezes followed by winter dryness from home heating. Technological advances in types of wood flooring meet Woburn’s atmospheric needs. The proper moisture barriers need to be installed. Concrete sealing may also be necessary. Whole house climate control for all seasons is another option to consider before installation of hard wood flooring in Woburn.

Budget conscious homeowners should look into the offerings of engineered wood flooring. Woburn’s fluctuating moisture levels will not affect this type of installation. Engineered boards are locked into each other through tongue and groove on top of a moisture barrier. Temperature and moisture fluctuations are handled by expansion and contraction of the engineered boards designed for just this purpose. The thin sheets of hard wood veneer applied to engineered boards present the same rich texture and appearance as traditional wood flooring but are more cost efficient and are more environmentally friendly. Depending on the maker, several engineered products can be refinished if necessary years down the road.

Laminates are engineered floor boards that have pictures of actual wood flooring applied on top. Although very cost effective and environmentally friendly, it is not as appealing or valuable to the aesthetic beauty of the home. This type of flooring in Woburn is a consideration for apartment or cottage rentals where replacement flooring is more common due to the wear and tear of occupants. The ‘look’ remains true to the area.

When considering 3/4″ and 5/16″ hard wood flooring, Woburn residents definitely will want to consider installation by professionals. This type of flooring is nailed or stapled into place. The DIYer needs experience with this type of installation to prevent a flooring disaster. Boards need to be settled into their environment before being laid. Care to level lines and staggering seams is necessary. Damaging boards is common and not preventable although experience minimizes damage.

Installing wood flooring in Woburn or elsewhere is not a project that can be done quickly. Allow plenty of time for research, preparation, product ordering and delivery, and qualified contractor availability. No matter how smoothly the flooring project goes, it always takes longer to complete the project than you think. Once you are done installing your wood floor, Woburn will be a better town for it.

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