Do-it-yourself Bookmarks

Among the marketing paraphernalia available today, bookmarks are one of the oldest and have served their purpose way back even from the Renaissance era.

Now, there are plenty of bookmark designs that are available in the market where you can choose from depending on your purpose, either for company use or for personal use. If you intend to have bookmarks for your personal use, why dont you try to make your own? Instead of buying a ready made bookmark in the market, make your own. The benefit of making your own bookmark is of course your personal touch. You can decide on the design, color, content, and even the size of your bookmark.

I can help in the start-up process in making your personalized bookmarks. It is very easy to print your collaterals on your own. In fact, you do not need a lot of training to develop a great design to be processed by a bookmark printing company.

Almost everybody with a decent understanding of how to use computers should be able to deal with a color bookmark design and work with a bookmark printer. Below is a list of some steps that will help you create your own personalized collaterals. You can do all these steps on your own with little training. You just need some simple tools and a computer.

First things first, set your purpose. You might think this is not necessary; but trust me, setting a purpose will shape many of your decisions for its design and printing. Moreover, it should help make the process of your bookmark printing a lot easier since you already have a guiding objective. So set your goals precisely before you start anything else when printing your bookmark.

Do you want to sell it? Do you want to give it to someone as a gift? What is the personality or personalities of the person/persons you want to give your bookmark to? Decide on these important questions and set your goal straight. This should be pivotal for your many decisions later on.

Second, make an impressive content. Once the goal is set, you should start writing your content. It is best to do this before you begin your layout so that you can focus on the message more fully. Remember that it should be short, concise but detailed enough to be printed and fit to the bookmark size. Make sure that you make a good and attractive headline plus some easy to read supporting content that helps you achieve your goal that you set earlier. Content may be quotes, phrases, poems, song lyrics, depending on your preference. Try to proofread your work to make these all perfect for the design. Of course, do not forget to type this up already in a word processor for easy use later.

Third, pick stunning images. After writing your content in the word processor, the next step is to get some images. Depending on your goal, you will want to get pictures of the person you wish to give your bookmarks to- images like flowers, and any designs appropriate to the content. You should always aim to get something impressive but unusual when it comes to your images. Take digital photographs; but creating your own graphics is also great, especially if you are good at doing it. Just make sure that you always get a high-resolution image or picture so that it can easily be inserted into a design layout without any difficulties.

Finally you can now print. Scout a printing company that is affordable and produces good quality prints. A good place to start looking is the World Wide Web because there are hundreds of online printing companies there. Just compare all the choices you have and see who is the most affordable with the best quality prints.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with your own bookmark printing.

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