Cleaning Bathroom Sinks

If there’s one area of the house that takes the most abuse it has to be the bathroom. It’s a chore no one wants to do and, left alone, can create damage and safety hazards to people in the house. This article will discuss cleaning techniques and time-saving devices to help the chore not seem so daunting. We will also try to help train other people, the children, daily tasks that will help on cleaning day.

One of the worst places for cleanliness is actually under the sink, in the cabinet. It is good to completely remove everything from underneath the cabinet. We need to inspect for dampness and leaks to make sure no water is sitting on the wood. Standing water can rot wood very quickly and can attract bugs and mold making it even a bigger mess. With all the items from underneath the sink gone you can do a visual inspection with a flashlight to make sure there is no visible damage. This is a good time to give it a thorough wipe down with a quality cleaner and spray some preventative bug spray to make sure no critters are getting in. Shopping for some good organizers to hold your cleaning supplies is a cheap easy way to keep the clutter to a minimum.

On our counter tops we set everything from tooth paste to hairspray and that area can get a lot of build up from all the different chemicals we used to get ready every day. Remove all the items from the counter top and give it a good cleaning. This will give us an opportunity to check the caulking around the sinks and faucets set. These are both good places for water to leak down under the sink. Check the back splash as well for any cracking caulking that would allow water to seep in. The counter top is also a good place for plastic organizers. If the items are returned to the organizer every day all that has to happen is for them to be lifted up to clean underneath. We all know the standard put the cap back on the toothpaste but it does help keep your area clean.

The actual sink bowl should be wiped down daily to prevent germs from growing in the drain area. Also the stopper should be removed every week to make sure no hair or other items are impeding the flow of water through drain. Having a small bottle of cleaner and a sponge next to the sink makes this job automatic.

Cleaning bathroom sinks is important for proper hygiene and equipment longevity. The proper sink can help with the chore.