Hardwood Flooring to Suit Your Home

One of the most basic structures in your home is your floor. The floor reflects the personality of those who dwell within the home, and if you possess elegant and beautiful flooring, it will add warmth and comfort to your living surroundings.

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring available in the market today. Endowing homes with a stylish bent by giving it a shiny finish and old-world patina, they are always in demand. The durability of this kind of wood is an added attraction, and the material can withstand a host of different climates from mild to extreme.

While there are solid hardwood flooring that are available at rather high prices, most hardwood floors are built with an upper layer of solid wood, combined with lower layers of sturdy plywood and thick fiberboard. Together, these different materials lend the strength of their features to make it less expensive, but with a hardiness that will make them last for a long time.

There are also a lot of types of hardwood floors available. You can choose from pre-finished flooring that has already been coated, or the unfinished kind, which you will need to sand and coat yourself. While the former will take less effort to install, the latter will allow you to custom-finish your floors to suit your taste and home design.

There are a lot of pre-finished floor products available in the market today for do-it-yourself enthusiasts who prefer to do the installation themselves. These types of flooring are easy to clean and maintain compared to carpeting, and because they are made of natural materials, they are environmentally friendly, as well. This is the reason why new homeowners, or people who are fixing up an older home prefer this type of floors to add warmth and comfort to their surroundings.

Through the years, the panels may require sanding and refinishing, but this kind of maintenance is preferable and much more economical compared to having to replace vinyl tiles or carpeting every five to ten years or so. Hardwood floors are also a healthy option for people who have allergies, or have frequent asthma attacks due to exposure to synthetic materials, such as carpets. Installing them will lower the levels of potential irritants that can endanger your family’s health.

When you are looking for quality floors for your home, cost is always one of the primary considerations. Instead of boring a huge hole in your pocket to buy solid hardwood floors, you can opt for refinished floors with a top layer of solid hardwood instead. This way, you spend less for attractive floors that are equally durable in style and quality.

Hardwood flooring materials are available at a lower cost, as well, particularly if you buy them wholesale. They are easily installed, and you can do it yourself to save on costs. If you require the services of a professional, such as a contractor, you can avail of a considerable discount if you but ask. While the knowledge isn’t bandied about, contractors do give a marked down rate for customers who would like to haggle for it.

Emiel L. is the writer at Hardwood Flooring Advisor, where he gives tips on hardwood flooring installation.