What is Blast Cleaning

Grinding has been regarded as one of the earliest processing operations of mankind as he used to grind the stones to shape their homes and to model arms and utensils into various forms. The process of grinding has advanced over the years and is carried out in a more refined form nowadays. The cleaning techniques have been greatly developed for smoothing, cleaning and shaping a hard surface. Blast Cleaning came forward as the most effective way to clean most surfaces of dirt, grime, rust or paint by forcing solid particles across that surface at high speeds.

Materials have been cleaned with a power blast of mechanical energy for various purposes in many regions of the world. Air blasting is one of the very common blasting technique across the Europe. Though sand, filtered to a uniform size, is historically the famous substance for artificial blasting procedure. Dry sandblast cleaning is a relatively new method for a range of applications from cleaning newly built masonry and patio cleaning to removing paints from hard surfaces and artificially ageing of the stonework.

The two main factors that vary in a blasting technique are the type of particles used for the blasting process and the velocity at which they are propelled at a surface. Abrasive blast cleaning may be known as sand blasting or pressure washing depending on the blast equipment and material used. In the United Kingdom, various procedures have been developed for abrasive blast cleaning including High Pressure steam cleaning, Bead blasting, Wheel blasting, Hydro-blasting, Micro-abrasive, lasting, Automated blasting and Dry ice blast cleaning .

Today there are a multitude of blast cleaning equipment manufacturing companies and services working in the UK to provide such equipments that would facilitate the grinding, surface conditioning, sanding, finishing and polishing procedures, while making the geometries of the most varied work pieces possible. Searchme4 is the UK’s fastest growing local information and business directory of industries and distributors delivering the bulk of high quality blast cleaning equipments and abrasive products directly to the customers at the lowest costs.

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