The one books on Interior Design

The one books on Interior Design Floorplanning techniques known interior design books, a quick description , and another technique called the interior design colors . Interior Design -speed scanning first introduced it is to tell the story with a painting, interior design is easy to understand ( interior design ) plane planning skills . Sometimes encounter some difficult words explained Floorplanning Design and configuration , if coupled with a pattern , so much would be easy to understand . Failing that, then repeated the words to explain more , I am afraid still unable to achieve full understanding of the effects of communication . And when they heard the staff engaged in interior design speed scanning narrative importance at work , but they Quewu time and environment to learn , and this book is just the kind of readers meet their needs . From simple start -speed tracing perspective , to the final design to be completed on a beautiful color map, book Junan step instructions with diagrams . It also teaches a variety of techniques in order to face various kinds of office design on-site conditions. Office of the design of the user, to see the industry according to their own opinions on the spot to draw the completion of the design , in addition to feel safe , and to understand more, it will have a deep sense of trust , and households with a pencil with a high degree of presence at any time to communicate Also work Planning the most important part . The following is just a big book : living room, living room , dining room and kitchen to listen to ; quick description of basic techniques ; the kitchen space; line painting ; bedroom space; face painting ; shadows and three-dimensional painting , finally, space and bathroom Furniture painting . And we can correspond with their own needs to read the interior design skills needed .

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