Know about rug cleaning

A simple accessory that makes a home a more comfortable place is the humble rug.  They are an everyday home décor factor that is available in a range of shape, sizes and materials. A rug can lift the look of a dull living room. In winters it makes living and even bedroom spaces so much cozier. The most important thing to owning a rug is being able to look after it and maintain it. Rug cleaning can be an elaborate process depending on how expensive the piece is and the material used. Of course, the amount of dust and grime that needs to be taken off too is important. While small foot rugs can be washed in the machine, there are others that will need special care.

For rugs that are slightly bigger in size, you can take the outside and beat the dust out of them, following which they can go through a round in the washing machine. But there are rugs that are made of expensive material that need the attention of specialized products as well as cleaners. Those companies that provide professional rug cleaning services use specialized machines to help with the process. They improve the extent of cleaning as well. The rugs are first hand-washed and put into these specialized machines. The cleaning here is done with gentle but strong nylon brushes. These help remove the dust and grime that lodges itself on the rug and its fibers.

The cleaning solution used in this has a maintained pH level and the pressure of the water is also monitored. The machine works such that it goes to the depth of each layer and inch of the rug. The process, though intensive, works at restoring the rug’s original look and sheen is part of the process. Many professionals also apply steam to the rug. This is largely for antique and heirloom rugs.

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