Do-It-Yourself Drinks

Have you ever wanted to make your own drinks? Using a soda siphon or a cream whipper, you can mix and serve your own ready-made drinks.

A soda siphon is used to carbonate and serve club soda and seltzer. Club soda contains a tiny amount of baking soda while seltzer doesn’t contain any baking soda.

Soda siphons are also pressurized so that they can dole out soda carbonated water. It is the carbon dioxide that gives that yummy taste.

The pressure inside the canister helps combine the carbon dioxide into the water. The higher the pressure, the better your soda water will turn out. You should also pay attention to your water temperature. The colder it is, the more it will absorb carbon dioxide.

Once you have purchased a soda siphon, make sure that you clean it very thoroughly before you use it.

Read the instruction manual and follow each step, Here is one way to clean a soda siphon: first, detach the head from the bottle by unscrewing it. Take out the ascending tube. Then take out the measuring tube. Now all you need to do is to rinse out the soda siphon thoroughly with clear water. Don’t stick your soda siphon in the dishwasher and don’t boil it. As soon as the soda siphon is cleaned, replace the measuring tube.

Now you’re ready to use your soda siphon. Once you’ve cleaned the siphon, make sure that you also clean the head. Detach it from the bottle by unscrewing it and wash it with warm water.

Once you have placed the measuring tube back into the bottle, fill the soda siphon with cold water. Remember that temperature is important. The colder the water is, the more your soda water will sparkle.

Now put the ascending tube with seal into the bottle through the measuring tube. Put the siphon head into place and screw it on. Make sure that you no longer see any threading on the bottle.

Then insert a soda charger into the charger holder. Twist the charger with the charger holder into the siphon head until you can hear gas discharging into the bottle. Now comes a very important step, Shake the bottle hard several times. After this, unscrew the charger and charger holder. Your siphon will have come with a protective cap, which you will no put over the threading.

Your soda water is now ready for consumption. Just press lightly on the lever and aim the stream of water that comes out into the glass.

Once you’ve had your fill of carbonated water, press down on the lever until all the water or as has been discharged.

If you want to have soda water, add a soda tablet. Ta-da. You know now how to make carbonated water and soda water. Both are essential ingredients when making fizzy drinks.

If you like to mix your own drinks and like them bubbly, it is good to have a soda siphon on hand. That way, you’ll always be able to have a cold drink.

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