Flooring Price Factors

If you are going to replace flooring during your remodeling job, you will probably want to research flooring price before you begin the project. A budget is helpful in keeping costs down, but it is also important to know the possibilities of what you can get with your money. There are many factors that affect flooring price.

1. Availability

Flooring types that are readily available are usually cheaper than those that are rarer or more exotic. Many of the rarer flooring choices are rare because they are endangered species of hardwoods. For example, Zebrawood is one example of a wood sometimes used in flooring that is considered to be environmentally threatened. Most people believe the most ethical choice is to avoid such rare woods, and this is also an economically sound decision because the flooring price of rare woods is so high.

2. Imported or Domestic

Certain types of materials are more expensive in flooring price due to the fact that they are imported from another country. Italy is said to produce the most beautiful and best marble in the world, and many people would rather pay the extra flooring price associated with its import than settling for domestic marble flooring. Other people choose to save money by buying marble tiles from states like Vermont, and these are also very nice.

3. Natural or Synthetic

Natural materials are often, but not always, more expensive than synthetic products. This is because natural products take time to grow and harvest, and factors like weather and mining difficulties come into play. Manufacturers have the making of synthetic flooring products down to a science, and the materials used to make them are usually quite cheap. The flooring price of laminates is much less than hardwoods for instance.

4. Dimensions of Piece

The overall dimensions of the piece the flooring comes in affects the flooring price as well. A sheet of vinyl is usually more expensive than vinyl tiles. For hardwood flooring, the types of floors made up of narrow boards are much less expensive than those made up of wide boards.

5. Difficulty of Installation

Installation is just another factor of flooring price. Floors that are easy to install can be done in less time, so the cost is also less. If you are doing the installation yourself, installing vinyl tiles only requires a short amount of time, some sort of cutter to cut the odd edge tiles, and the ability to follow a pattern. However, if you have a more difficult floor to install, you might have to pay an installer to do the work, and the cost will depend on the amount of work it takes to get the job done. Laying carpet and putting down oak hardwood flooring are both harder than installing some of the other flooring types. Consider all these factors in new flooring price when you get ready to do your home remodel.

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