Bamboo Or Traditional Wood Floors

There are many myths still surrounding the benefits of having carpet over wood flooring, but the fact is that wood floors are durable, economical and if taken proper care of, will last a lifetime. Making the choice of wood floor over the alternatives is the easy part; deciding between bamboo and traditional woods can be more difficult. The big question becomes bamboo versus hardwood flooring? Chicago homes, like many others, may well benefit from either type of flooring as each has disadvantages and advantages.

Bamboo is a relatively new option for wood floor in Chicago homes. Bamboo is considered by many to be a more environmentally friendly choice over other traditional wood floor products, because it is sustainable and grows very quickly thereby replacing any harvests in very little time. Unlike other types of hardwood flooring, Chicago environmentalists know that bamboo can grow repeatedly on the same plant making it a wise choice for the environment.

Contrary to public belief, bamboo floor products can be many times more durable compared to hardwood products. This depends heavily, however, on the age of the bamboo when harvested. Product that has been grown five or more years will be harder and more durable than bamboo that was harvested early. The durability also often depends on the quality of the product, so choose a reputable manufacturer of bamboo flooring; Chicago has many floor product dealers.

Unlike many other options for wood floors, Chicago homes with extreme temperature changes and high humidity will benefit from bamboo floors because they are less likely to warp in the presence of moisture or humidity.

Solid wood flooring in Chicago homes, on the other hand, offers a kind of traditional look that many find timeless and very appealing. The warm tones and plank width of solid hardwood flooring in Chicago houses give an elegant ambiance that really is hard to match.

Gone are the days of babying a traditional wood floor. Chicago homeowners are discovering that technological advances in hardwood are resulting in products that are more durable as well as more dent and scratch resistant than products from ten years ago. Moisture is, however, a concern with this kind of flooring. Chicago’s high humidity and cold winters can cause an improperly laid floor to warp or bend.

Compared to bamboo, traditional wood generally comes in wider plank widths reducing the number of seams that can trap allergens and irritants if allergies are of concern. Of course, either bamboo or regular wood is going to prove far less irritating to those with allergies compared to carpet. This is another sound reason for hardwood flooring. Chicago is at the mercy of seasons and various seasonal allergies; reduce your suffering with wood floors.

Regardless which you choose, cost is always an option when considering wood floor. Chicago homes may well gain in value if a wood floor, bamboo or otherwise, is installed over carpet. Carpet has a lifespan of seven to ten years; wood floor is permanent if well maintained. When considering the replacement cost of carpet, your choice should be easy when choosing flooring. Chicago retailers often have flooring promotions so keep your eyes open for installation and product sales to reduce the cost of installing your new wood floor.

With proper care and installation, any wood floor will last you a lifetime and will provide a durable but elegant flooring option for your home. The choice between bamboo and traditional woods is becoming more difficult as demand rises so too does the quality of these products and the prices come down, making owning a wood floor a reality for many.

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