introduce interior design

4 to introduce interior design 室內設計 style. Architectural style derived from a variety of interior design styles, depending on the designers and owners of different aesthetic and loving, but also a variety of turned body.

Light style (bold and generous)
The mid 20th century, 90, office design 辦公室設計 and home design has been greatly liberated, people began to pursue a variety of design approach, in which modernism, postmodernism and a series of more comprehensive design system in interior design formation. People talk about the decoration, these “isms” frequently appear in the mouth. This style basically cherry wood finishes as a major.

Classic style (luxury off)
Had just begun in the interior decoration of the era, the pursuit of a more fitting most luxurious rich style. Especially in the 20th century, early 80’s and 90’s, show off their interior is often a special form of identity. Owners will be required to embed a variety of fitting symbol of luxury among the design, such as stained glass ceiling, fireplace, decorative panels, decorative wood moldings, etc., but basically similar to the Baroque style with the existing materials as the main domestic interior design , interior design, decorative way.

Fresh style (casual freehand)
This is a minimalist influence in a derived with the “petty bourgeoisie” flavor of the interior design , 室內設計 style. Especially with the emergence of many singles, this style of large numbers of petty bourgeoisie in all kinds of renovated into apartments. As many, their residents, such as the elderly and children are not members of the class, so do not consider the decoration of many of the features in question. They tend to emphasize a kind of arbitrary and dull. Ethereal white gauze with a piece of soft fabric sofa, and then stacked with a bunch of different colors of the pillow, to form an interior space filled with languid atmosphereRefined.

style (noble solemnity)
After nearly 10 years of exploration, with the improvement of domestic residents Shenghuoshuiping, opening up more, people began to dream and the pursuit of high quality of life. About 90 from the mid 20th century, people gradually refined in the use of decoration and furniture decoration materials, especially at this time, the domestic designers into the ranks of home improvement design, thus introducing a new concept of interior design decoration .

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