How to Choose Ceramic Tiles

Whether you’re thinking about retiling your bathroom or kitchen or you’ve just bought your first home and need to do some tile renovation, consider these following tips in your decision-making. They’ll help save you time, effort, and money.

1. Choose the size of tile that will best suit the room you’re tiling. Tiles come in various sizes, as small as 1-inch squares that come attached on a single sheet. Other sizes are 12-inch squares and 18-inch squares; tiles even as large at 24-inches are available as well. All tiles should be consistent in size for aesthetic purposes.

2. Figure out the price range that will best fit your budget. Factor in how much space you’re actually tiling and do some calculations. Tile prices will range from less to $ 1 to several dollars per tile or per square foots, depending on tile size and type. Consider purchasing higher quality ceramic or even glass tiles for longer lasting results and better durability.

3. Select the ceramic tile according to the characteristics of the tile. Porcelain title is strong and durable because it is fired at extreme temperatures in a kiln, similarly to pottery items. Mosaic tile is made from clay and resists moisture and does not chip easily. Quarry tile is made from a mixture of clay and is available in shares of gray, brown and red.

4. Depending on what you’re using the tile for (bathroom, kitchen, decorative, etc.), determine the amount of traffic the tile will be exposed to. High gloss tiles are slippery when wet and should not be used in entryways. Hand-painted glazed tiles are very beautiful, but the glaze is only on the surface of the tile and if chipped, will reveal the color inside, not the glaze. Porcelain tile is extremely durable and is ideal for high-traffic ideas.

5. Variations in shades are listed on the back of every sample tile. “Low” tiles will have a consistent shade and texture; “moderate” will be a slight variation in shade and texture; and finally “high” means a great possibility of inconsistencies. “Random” is the greatest risk of shade and texture variety.

6. Choose what you like. You can always take samples, hang them on your wall, or place it on the floor and see what best suits your style, personality, and needs. Don’t settle until you find the perfect ceramic tile. There are many possibilities to explore, sometimes choosing what you like is the best alternative

7. Tiles can fit any dcor, any room, any style, and any lifestyle. Tiles can brighten up an other wise dull room, provide practical and visually pleasing alternatives, and so much more.

8. Ask your friends what types of tiles they’ve used before, sometimes word of mouth is the best way to figure out what works in a home. is your #1 online tile retailer offering ceramic tile and all you need for your tile floors.