Contract Cleaning London


City Care Cleaning is an established independent contract cleaning London business that specialise in providing cleaning manpower and facilities management across our nation’s capital. 
City Care Cleaning was established to provide professional businesses with flexible and meticulous services to suit your hours of business. Our contract cleaning London management and personnel have a wealth of experience in the soft service sector and understand that it is paramount for all customers to receive a level of customer service and affordability that they deserve.
All of our contract cleaning London services is backed up by stringent quality control and customised cleaning procedures to meet the demands of our clients. As well as these bespoke and thorough services we’re additionally regularly screen and train all of our manpower with the latest products and cleaning procedures to ensure that each of our contract cleaning London customers receive the optimal service. 
As we can all appreciate a clean office environment increases productivity and staff happiness. After all, if you work in a fast-paced environment then the last thing that you want to occupy your mind is a messy work environment. Additionally, our office cleaning London is able to make sure that your work place environment is free from any potential situations where accidents may occur. Our innovative contract cleaning London service will create an environment where you, your staff can work efficiently without every worrying about the cleanliness of your work space.
Our contract cleaning London professionals can fulfil a number of requirements for each and every customer. These include, vacuuming and dusting, telephone sterilizing, specialist cleaning of VDU’s, toilet hygiene maintenance and internal window cleaning. We also operate a quality assurance of all our cleaning services which means that our contract cleaning London professionals will conduct a full inspection of your premises to target those areas of our premises where our services are most important.
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