Bathroom Floor tile choices.

There are now so many bathroom ideas for decorating and planning the layout of your bathroom. There is the option to turn your bathroom into a wet room which will create space and an individual design or you could turn your bathroom into a luxurious relaxing zone with a designer bath and walk in shower. It really depends on the style and design you want to create but the one aspect of any bathroom is designing a space that can be maintained easily.

The material you use for your bathroom floors is important because it is an area that becomes wet and moist and an area that needs to be kept clean. Carpet is the less popular choice because it becomes wet often and is hard to maintain in a bathroom area. Bathroom floor tiles are the most popular because they are easy to clean; they are waterproof and can be wiped clean and dry.

The most popular bathroom tiles are porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles because they are two of the most versatile tiles. They are also incredibly string and durable, will not stain and are heat proof.

Different tile materials can also be used with great effect and design and home owners can have fun creating their own original and unique design as well as creating different designs.

Natural stone tiles are very popular and some natural stone materials can be used in bathroom settings.  Natural slate tiles are a beautiful material and will add both beauty and elegance to any bathroom.  There are different types of slate tiles and some variations are ideal for bathroom floors where they will blend in well and suit any existing decor. Slate tiles in bathroom settings will almost certainly be sealed which will protect them from any moisture and spillages.

Travertine tiles are also very popular for their beauty and are ideal for bathroom floors, there are however different finishes of travertine floor tiles and some varieties are less slippery when wet than others.

Limestone tiles are another option for bathroom flooring and will give the home owner a different alternative. Limestone again is a beautiful alternative to other tiles but there are different varieties and it is important to choose the correct tile in the correct setting.

There are so many choices when it comes to bathroom floor tiles and any good tile company will be able to advise you on the best tiles to suit both your personal preferences and the existing decor.


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