Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Some believe that wood floors in Fredricksburg, VA create a much healthier environment than carpet.  They can be cleaned with fewer chemicals, they don’t hold dust, and they don’t hold smell in the fibers.  People with allergies are choosing to change to wood flooring because of the reduced allergens.  There are doctors the say that wood flooring is better on your legs and feet.
As people begin moving more and more to wood floors in Fredricksburg, VA they are looking for something different, something that will make their floor different from others.  Many have found the reclaimed wood market.  Many who support living more green find this especially appealing because no living tree is sacrificed.  Reclaimed wood is from old growth timber that is found in old structures and is sometimes reclaimed from the rivers and lakes.
Reclaimed wood can be milled to look like new, but many people prefer the personality of having the markings of old fasteners visible.  The old wood will have a rustic feel and the character of having been used for years and exposed to the elements.  The reclaimed wood floors in Fredricksburg, VA will retain more of their natural characteristics like knots.  There will also be distinct color variations, and if the wood was reclaimed from the outside of a building there may be insect marks as well.  

Choosing to use reclaimed wood that has not been milled will give you a one of a kind floor.  There are other benefits in addition to saving living trees and living green.  When you purchase your reclaimed wood flooring you may be able to find out where it came from.  This will give you a link to history in your home.  The wood has been through a lot of weather and has gained a patina that can’t be duplicated in new wood.  The older growth wood is actually denser and more stable than new growth wood.
Reclaimed wood floors in Fredricksburg, VA are becoming increasing popular.  This is largely due to increased consumer interest in history and living a greener lifestyle.  Reclaimed wood has superior quality because it was grown slowly and is denser than faster growing wood.  You can be assured that there won’t be another home with your exact flooring.  The pricing on reclaimed wood flooring is likely to be a little more expensive, but it will be worth the extra money.

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