Tile Flooring Options

Before heading out to buy flooring in Vancouver or Portland, sit down and make a list of what you want from the flooring. Factors such as price are of course a primary consideration. But that needs to be balanced with other equally important factors when choosing flooring. Factors such as durability-will the flooring you choose hold up to the planned use? What about ease of upkeep? As you do your pre-shopping planning consider: for a busy rec room for the children, durability may be highest on your list, as well as sound absorbency. In that case as well as for a bathroom or entryway– tile flooring may be a great option to explore. Depending on the type of tile it’s a very flexible flooring option. If you are looking for flooring in Portland or Vancouver, WA you’ll want helpful advice, fair prices and quick delivery and guidance on installation, after your flooring purchase.

There are numerous types of tile flooring in the Vancouver, WA area as in other parts of the country. The primary pluses of tile as a floor covering are durability and ease of cleaning. And depending on your decor-the color choices are numerous to create a complimentary ambience. What’s wonderful about tile flooring is the option to create beautiful patterns by varying the layout and color of the tiles and choosing accent tiles for emphasis.

Popular tiles for the bath, emphasis the clean and natural feeling you want in a bath, colors such as aqua, pale greens and turquoise are very popular.

Tile flooring for the kitchen might be more earthy colors- browns for example. For an entry-way that’s stunning the colors really depend on the mood of the home.

In the Portland and Vancouver areas, tiles also come in so many varieties to fit your taste and budget. And entry can look stunning with a circular tile pattern of contrasting colors for example. But a knowledgeable dealer is best to see if your ideas will work well in practice.


Marble tile and limestone flooring tend to be the more expensive materials. But other flooring options include porcelain, vinyl and ceramic tiles. If you are tiling a small space, perhaps choosing the best most luxurious tile is an option as it will have big impact without breaking the bank. If cost is a very important factor or you are looking for flooring for a large space then vinyl is durable and affordable and can look like more expensive materials such as wood, even marble.


Tile is easy to care for vacuuming or sweeping will remove most dirt from interior tile floors. If deeper cleaning is needed a gentle mopping can remove most residue. Choose a flooring dealer in Portland or Vancouver who is knowledgeable and professional can answer all your questions about keeping your new flooring looking great.

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