The Rich Janitor – is it a Scam?

When I first was reading up about the rich janitor it didn’t seem like it could actually be a real product that actually would help me earn money online. After reading a couple people’s posts about reviewing the product and how it was worthless I obviously didn’t think much of it. Although at the same time I felt a strong urge to see for myself what the rich janitor system was all about. So I gave in and ended up purchasing this fine product and can easily say without a doubt that the bad reviews either were made up, or they simply did not apply what is taught in the rich janitor system.

When I first received everything that came with this package, I was overwhelmed with joy. Everything I had been searching for was finally right here at the ends of my fingertips all for my eyes to feast upon.  I feel like I hit a goldmine or something. I have been searching through various online products to help me make easy money online with little or no success. I was tired of all the searching and I wanted to make money quick.  Now after a month of using the rich janitor I can easily say making with money with the internet can be a lot easier than most people would think. I hardly work, sometimes I work an hour a day, sometimes I work up to 5 hours a day depending on how I’m feeling, and the outcome of how much I make is astonishing. If I didn’t get package then I would still be behind not making almost any sort of money, now I’m making a ridiculous amount of money that I could have only dreamed of. If you have been interested in the rich janitor system I highly recommend it