The Rich Janitor

From this instant on, forget everything you’ve been told about making money online – because almost overnight you can learn to transform your computer into your own personal ATM machine. You’ll learn how to turn on your computer and withdraw a GUARANTEED $ 200 a day – working less than five hours a week., even if you have no experience working online.


Unless you don’t need an extra $ 200 a day – which you can spend any way you choose – take a couple minutes to read about this simple, step-by-step process I’ve discovered.

This process is so amazingly simple that anyone can master it almost overnight – yet so incredibly powerful that it will allow you and your family to buy and do the things you want in life now, and not twenty or thirty years down the road. You can follow this system in your spare time -during your lunch break, while you watch TV, or when dinner’s cooking – even if you’ve never used a computer.

And yes, this method is 100% legal, ethical and best of all, PROVEN to work.

Sound too good to be true?

It really isn’t. In fact, it’s been proven time and time again by blue collar folks just like yourself. I’ve used it myself… my mother used it to supplement her retirement fund… my uncle purchased a brand new BMW 740d with over 300 horsepower… my friends have used it… and now YOU can, too.

You see, you can learn how to create a never ending supply of passive income through the power of the Internet.

Learn – and Profit – From My Mistakes…

So who am I to show you how this is done?

Because… just a few short years ago… my life was a mess.

Actually, it was a COMPLETE mess – the kind of mess not even a janitor could clean up.

Every day I’d wake up scared to death to open my mailbox – you see, I was absolutely sure there were piles of bills stacked up that I just couldn’t afford to pay. When I didn’t pay those bills on time, my wife started receiving threatening phone calls from bill collectors. The tears on her face said it all – I was a complete failure.

It was then I decided to succeed… even if it killed me.

By trial and error – and I mean a lot of errors – and by learning everything I could possibly could about making money online, I finally created my own simple, step-by-step method for pulling in over $ 71,000 a month. 

Sure, my wife laughed when I started, but when the checks started rolling in… well, now we laugh together… all the way to the bank. You see, I’ve used this system time and time again to literally create MONEY out of thin air – and yet, for the first six months, we didn’t tell a soul. Until….
I Decided To Make One Very Lucky Person Wealthy…

One evening, I went out to dinner with my friend Paul. I had wanted to tell him about my success for months now, but was afraid it was all beginner’s luck. So for months I kept my mouth shut – until I was sure.

Now I was. And I had the bank statements to back it up. So right in the middle of dinner I grabbed him by the arm, looked him dead in the eye and said:


Paul, I’ve stumbled onto the most incredible, least known money-making process in the world. It’s by far the simplest way to make fast cash, and will make your grandchildren filthy, stinking rich.”


Now, at the time Paul didn’t have any children, let alone grandchildren… but I wanted to make darn sure he was paying attention. After all, my children’s college fund was already fully funded, and I’d only been doing this for 6 months!

Paul was skeptical, to say the least.

“Mike, I’ve known you almost your whole life, and you’ve never been wealthy… I mean, no offense, but you work as a janitor… (shrugging) that’s not exactly big time.”

PROVEN Results – Even In Troubled Times

Once he said that, I slammed a copy of my monthly earnings on the table and forced it into Paul’s hand. Then I said:

“Paul, I’ve discovered the Holy Grail of money-making methods. It’s so simple a child can do it -so simple I could do it – and now, after only 6 months – spending as little as two hours a day – I’ve quit my job as a janitor, fully funded my retirement account, and created enough passive income to guarantee I’ll never work again.

And now I want you to test my process… at my expense. If you don’t make at least $ 1,000 your first month, I’ll buy you and your wife dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town. Any money you make is yours to keep. How about it – Do we have a deal?”

Here’s the paper I slammed on the table. It convinced Paul to make the most important decision of his life…

Let me ask you: if you were offered this, wouldn’t you take it? Of course! You’d have to be insane to turn down the win/win option of a free five star dinner or $ 1,000 a month in passive income for life! Paul, of course… is not insane… so he took me up on the bet. We agreed to meet the following day at 6:30 after he got off work.

The “bet” begins…

So now it was time for me to “put up, or shut up.” My nerves were killing me… I had to find out if my process would work for Paul. I’ll admit – I was even a little scared. But underneath it all, I was SUPER excited to finally test my system on a complete newbie. At 6:30 sharp my doorbell rang. It was Paul – and he was just as excited and nervous as I was.

We wasted no time getting started.

“Paul, I want you to open your laptop and do exactly as I say to do – even if it doesn’t make any sense at first… because if you do, you’ll be RICHER than anyone on this block within months – or that dinner is on me.”

In less than 2 hours Paul had everything set up and was ready to start making money online. I asked Paul to call me tomorrow evening with a progress report, including every thing he did during the day and how much money he was earning. Frankly, I figured he’d call me the next morning… once he looked at his bank account.

But he didn’t call – that morning or later that evening. He didn’t even call the next morning either. I began to worry – could I have done something wrong? Perhaps… despite my best efforts… I had just gotten lucky after all. Those thoughts didn’t last long though. After all, these techniques had produced wonderful results for myself, time and time again… each time I set up an account, more money would flow into my life like clockwork. So why hadn’t Paul called?

I decided to call Paul up and see what was going on. And boy was I shocked to hear what he had to say…

After several rings, Paul finally picked up the phone. “Oh, hey Mike, what’s going on?” he asked – as if he didn’t totally forget to call me the past few days.When I asked about his progress, an awkward silence followed.

“Listen, Mike… I’m sorry… I just don’t have the time to work on this right now. My boss asked me to work double shifts this week, and we’ve got family coming over this weekend. I’m gonna have to pass…”