Online Poker Tracker

Perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard of something like online poker tracker and probably have no idea whatever it is. In a nutshell, an online poker tracker is nothing more than a Windows-based computer program that allows you to analyze your online Texas hold’em game. It saves and summarizes downloadable hand history information from your online poker site then reports all the data involved in playing your poker games to determine your way of playing online poker.

This is quite a popular program used for tracking and scrutinizing poker plays by collecting information from the stored hand histories. An online poker tracker will not save the poker hand date for you since you can also retrieve the hand histories directly from the online poker site. There is no better way of analyzing it once you have the information than with the help of an online poker tracker.

It can also track your ring games and tournament games from a number of poker sites. It will save your hand histories from every site to the same database storage. You also don’t have to worry about having different screen names. An online poker tracker will track your starting hand and see how often you see the flop, raise, wins and much more with different hand combinations.

Your position is also included in the tracking information, so you can observe how often you call under the gun, from the cut off, etc. Look at how much money you’ve gained by position.

With the help of an online poker tracker, you can now observe how you play on a full table and track your play by session. You can check your hand outcomes and how many times you got a full house, flush and so on. Also included is the amount of money you gained with each hand.

It’s not just the hands this baby can do. You can also track your opponents, their behavior by seeing how many times they have raised on the flop, raise-pre-flop and so on. You can analyze which players you have won the most cash from and who took the most cash from you. You can track all your opponents with this single program.

The online poker tracker is available online and you just have to download it and register. It’s very easy.

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