The Duty of The District Attorney


Most local officials such as a district attorney perform very similar
work from state to state, and town to town. Often times these lawyers
are referred to as the prosecuting attorney, or simply the DA. Mainly
these types of lawyers are in charge of what cases will go to court in
the county. They perform a variety of duties that directly relate to the
way the state and local laws are enforced and managed. But, they are
also responsible for the management and delegation of tasks that the
office of the DA prosecutes.

But, truly one of the primary functions of any district attorney is to
gain justice for the people of their jurisdiction. Meaning they
represent the best interest of the citizens of their locale. This means
that this kind of official will be responsible for arguing cases for
both criminal and civil suits alike. However, to be sure criminal cases
are usually the sole responsibility of this official, while only some
civil cases are typically required only if laws of the state are broken.

Very often from town to town the district attorney is most often an
elected official. So, this means that a candidate will need to conduct a
campaign in order to be elected and serve. However, even though one is
elected in a campaign it is part of their duty to conduct their office
in a nonpartisan and professional manner. This means that they are bound
by law to uphold the credibility of the legal profession and the laws
that they represent.

Encouraging respect for local and state laws, honoring the credence of
the court system is also a part of their service as the district
attorney. This means that they must conduct themselves in a manner
whereby they offer consistent communication and inspire faith of the
public both in the office of the prosecutor as well as in their personal
life too.

It is also very common for this type of official to make decisions that
relate to the crime that has been committed. Specifically this means
that a prosecuting attorney will initiate or pursue criminal charges
that pertain to a specific crime that has been committed. This means
that at the discretion of this elected official they can properly
determine which laws have been broken. What this means is that with the
use of their specific and experienced knowledge of the law they will
need to determine what the nature of the crime is, the motives, and even
doubt about the guilt of the accused. They must also consider
mitigating circumstances, what the evidence is and how credible it is.
Presenting a solid or winning case is extremely important and vital to
the office of the district attorney.

Once, it has been determined which laws have been broken the lawyer will
then present their case in court. During this time they will use the
evidence collected by police investigators to make their case. But, also
during court they will ask or make a recommendation for sentencing
should the suspect be found guilty.

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