Electronic Business


Application of e-Business:


There are three main application
areas of e-Business:



relationship administration is the custom of cleverly finding, promoting and examining
customers. Technologies that sustain the business principles include the capture,
storage and study of vendor, partner, customer and internal progression


Project resource
planning incorporates all the information and procedures of a business into a
combined system.  This system includes
multiple mechanisms of software and hardware to attain the integration. A
combined database to store information for different modules is the key
ingredient of the project resource planning system.


Deed management
scheme is a collection of computer program to follow and store electronic
documents. Digital property management, image documentation, record management
systems and workflow systems relate to the Deed or document management


Human resource
administration is the calculated and rational approach to the organization’s
treasured assets. Human resource administration is a business practice and an
intellectual theory that deals with the hypothetical and the realistic method
of administrating a workforce. 




purchase products or perform tasks over the internet using online shops. Online
shops suggest physical correlation of product purchasing or other services at a
shopping mall. 


chain management is the technique of scheduling, executing and controlling the
tasks of the supply chain professionally. SCM carries out the movement and
accumulation of raw products.


marketing is the promotion of products or other service areas through the
internet. One of the advantages of online marketing is low cost. In addition,
it readily provides information to global audience. The cooperative nature of
online marketing business is a unique quality.


Models of e-Business


E-business model is
practiced online for the benefits of customers and suppliers.  Some of the models are E-shops, Virtual
communities, Collaboration stages, Third party market place and many more. All
these models are emerging types of computer software.  Collaboration stage is a combined stage that
maintains synchronous and non-synchronous communication through different
channels. Virtual community is a collection of people at initial stage.


There are major
classifications of E-business such as business to business, business to
consumer, business to employee and many more. HenceArticle Search, E-business helps to make
the communication faster in this fast growing world.