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Dear reader, Our Tandy Law Firm – attorneys offering personal injury, accident, DUI and criminal defense in Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers and can find here a better personal law attorney & accident service for our professional law attorny firm. This  is the helpful operational program for our clients.

At Tandy Law Firm, we are fully committed to helping clients in Central Indiana (Indianapolis) with a wide range of services, including personal injury, DUI and criminal defense matters.

More importantly, our clients come first. It’s that simple. Our focus is on YOU. Our game plan is specific to YOU. It’s YOUR case, and that is our driving principle. As our client, you’re the one who needs to be satisfied with the decisions made. That’s why we exist. We work together to get you through a stressful experience by providing you with skilled and affordable representation with an outstanding local presence. You need someone on your side that knows the system, speaks the language, understands the rules and gets you the outcome you deserve.

Our philosophy is built on excellence, loyalty, respect, integrity and a willingness to fight for your rights. We believe in building strong client relationships and delivering individualized attention. As a result, we make it a priority to communicate clearly, deliver exceptional service and be completely truthful with you in order to help you and your family understand every step of the process in handling your case.



Q: Should I file a personal injury claim? If so how do I go about doing that?: I was involved in a car accident where the other driver ran a stop sign. My front car collided with his driver side. I suffered whiplash and is now traumatized from the incident. For example lost of sleep and even afraid to drive again. I went to the doctor for my whiplash injury and he suggested physical therapy a few days later I’m feeling much better but still traumatized.

A: Matthew’s answer: It seems from the facts provided that you have a valid claim for your injuries. Make sure to take pictures of any visible injuries you have and document your changes in sleep patterns. Do not give any recorded statements prior to discussing your case with an attorney in your state.

Q: Can he still get his sentence modified with that listed In his plea agreement?: My husband was sentence 12 years in Indiana for a drug. Charge he was realized on bond 3 months later while on. Bond he was caught again.. He has a court hearing for a sentence mod in Monroe county IN . it says in his plea deal ” the defendant waives the right to appeal the guilty plea; conviction and any sentence within the applicable guidelines range as determined by the court at sentencing” does that mean his sentence can’t be modified because it says its all about his terms if His plea agreement. He has done 6 of those 12 years.

A: Matthew’s answer: He is still allowed to petition the court for modification. The court may not be willing to grant modification, but that clause does not prevent petition for modification.

Q: How much does a defense lawyer cost to have my misdemeanor warrant taken care of and how will I go about probation fines and DUI: School ….and if its not resolved can I still get my license back in a year

A: Matthew’s answer: The range of fees varies greatly between attorneys. You would be better served to contact a law firm who handles lots of DUI cases and ask a few of them until you find one you feel comfortable with.

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Now he’s right where he wants to be, living and working in Indiana, so he can be close to his son and serving his clients with a high level of care, personalized attention and a depth of experience. Matt knows how to move forward in today’s challenging environment and work side-by-side with his clients to help them understand their options and provide clearComputer Technology Articles, easy to understand communication and complete honesty at every level.