A Lawyer Can Get Results in a Medical Malpractice Case


If you feel that your doctor has neglected you, resulting in long-term
health issues, you should consider hiring a lawyer for a medical
malpractice case. As long as you can prove that the injury you sustained
would not have happened without your physician’s neglect, you may have a
good case. Consider a few of the benefits of hiring an attorney for
this type of lawsuit.

You should not have to pay for the costs of your medical treatment if
they would not have been necessary without your doctor’s substandard
care. Such expenses often lead to bankruptcy for patients because they
can cost several thousands of dollars. Even if the costs are low right
now, you need to think of the long-term expenses you will have to pay,
especially if your injury is long-term. If you have health insurance
that already took care of the hospital bills, you probably still had to
pay some of the bill. In addition, if you switch insurance providers, or
stop and restart your coverage, your injuries will be considered
preexisting and therefore not covered by your new provider. Therefore,
you need to be compensated for the complications, which is something a
lawyer can ensure.

You probably had to take days or even weeks off work for the treatment,
whether you have serious injuries that called for a hospital stay, or
just had to stay home to heal. If so, you likely missed out on making
money on those days. Even if you get paid sick days, you should not be
forced to take these due to the substandard medical treatment from your
doctor, as most people have a limited amount of sick days at work. These
should be saved for the future when you are sick for a few days at a
time, not when your physician provides disappointing care. A lawyer can
help you get compensation for missed work.

Many people experience pain and suffering as a result of their
physician’s inadequate treatment. This may include embarrassment, such
as if the substandard care caused you to faint or fall in public. This
also covers the inability to enjoy your hobbies or generally enjoy
anything in life as result of your complications. For example, if you
loved to run but lost a leg due to your doctor’s neglect, you may be
owed pain and suffering compensation. While the money may not reverse
the issue, it may allow you to get a prosthetic leg, or pay to learn and
get supplies for a different hobby. An attorney can help you with this

Most medical malpractice cases need a good lawyer in order to get the
desired outcome. Whether your goal is to get money to pay off your
medical bills and enjoy life again, ensure the doctor does not make the
same mistake to another patient, or both, you should talk to an
attorney. Most offer a free initial consultation, which should let you
see whether you have a strong case so do not waste your time.

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