Securities Arbitration Attorney – Avoid Court


Securities arbitration is an area of the law dealing with financial matters. More specifically, it focuses on securities and investment fraud. Although many people might be under the impression that this is a focus geared toward large corporations with a lot of money to lose, a securities arbitration attorney can come to the aid of everyone from high-powered executives to retirees who need to recover some monetary losses as the result of fraud. Needless to say, if you have been the victim of an investment fraud, you will need to retain a securities arbitration attorney in order to navigate this very complicated process. There can be a host of issue that many have never considered. Arbitration is a resolution method that allows both parties to settle their dispute out of court; this is also know as an out-of-court settlement. Following through with court hearings and legal proceedings can be a long, time-consuming process. Instead, arbitration allows for a panel of impartial persons to hear the dispute and decide a fair outcome. In the event of a securities or investment fraud, both parties will need to retain an attorney who specializes in arbitration hearings. Arbitration and mediation differ from a lawsuit in that the parties involved have chosen to settle their dispute privately by an impartial board, rather than to take their disputes to a court of law. In fact, the securities industry has set the standard for using an arbitration agreement. This means that parties agree to arbitrate their disputes before bringing the issue to a court of law. The process is governed by its own rules, which are written by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA. In the event of a dispute, it may seem like common sense to simply bring the dispute before a court. However, there may be some contractual obligations that can prohibit the involved parties from doing so.Although arbitration is an alternative to settling the dispute in court, arbitration hearings are surprisingly similar to the proceedings in a court of law. However, there are certain criteria regarding the gathering and presentation of evidence that differ from a court trail. Therefore, although most attorneys like to try and avoid courtroom proceedings, you should find a securities arbitration attorney familiar with court proceedings. Despite the differences in carrying out an arbitration hearing privately as opposed to in a court of law, arbitration hearings are fair and just. However, the outcome is dependent on the skill and competence of your securities arbitration attorney. 



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