Premature Labor Signs and Symptoms, Causes and Prevention


A premature labor otherwise called as preterm labor. This is a very serious impediment during pregnancy. This is called as labor that starts preceding 37 weeks gestation. Many women do not recognize the signs of this premature labor. If detected early, it can facilitate in preventing premature birth.  Also this will enable to carry the pregnancy so that it offers the baby a better opportunity of survival.Premature Labor and its signs and symptoms -1. Cramps and contractions, in an hour more than 5 times. 2. Bleeding from the vagina.3. During urination there will be pain and possibly in the urinary tract, bladder and kidney there will be infection.4. Flow of sudden clear, watery fluid from the vagina.5. Faint backache.6. Pelvic pressure may be intensive.Symptoms are like the discharge, change in the patter in the movement of the baby, gestation which could be multiple, and greater than the normal, a uterine problem detected could raise a problem, pressure issues in the pelvis, contractions, pain which is frequent and fluctuates with time, pain in the back which could be mild or intensive. It is very essential to remain hydrated in order to prevent any urine infection or disorder. Diagnosis is a must in such a state as any type of nonfunctionalties will be detected and prevented.Causes of this are not very clear although it can be assumed with the experience. There are a few factors that can increase the woman’s risk for premature labor. The factors may include -1. The uterus and the cervix being infected. 2. Delivery which was premature previously.3. Pregnancy leading to twins or triplets etc.4. Monetary limitations.5. Miscarriages if any in the past.6. Rupture of membranes prematurely.7. Any surgery of the cervix that was done earlier.8. Too much exposure to synthetic drugs.This is a very critical phase that a woman has to go through. If right medication and consultation and diagnosis are not maintained then it could be fatal in results. Rest and proper food and regular check ups are a must in this case. Stress and anxiety should be avoided and smoking, alcohol consumption should not be indulged into. They are not only harmful to the mother but extremely harmful to the child within. These precautions when taken will cause a healthy effect on both the mother and the child.Premature labor can be prevented by adopting proper care of yourself as per directed by your doctor.



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