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After a collision the first thing on everyone’s mind is to make sure that nobody has been seriously injured or killed. If there have been casualties, those involved and the people around want to work hard to get them treated by calling out emergency personnel as soon as possible. This is very good for at the scene but does not address the need for medical care after the fact. Sometimes injuries do not manifest themselves for some time after an incident. For these people it is hard to get compensation for lost work or compensation for medical bills without fighting hard. Whether it is against one’s own insurance or an at fault driver, an auto accident attorney is the person to go to have a strong ally in the fight for your money.First of all do not wait to call an auto accident attorney. As soon as you have called the police, the paramedics, and your own insurance company, call or begin to look for a lawyer. One of the most important deciding factors in these types of cases is a sound medical history detailing the injuries and their repercussions. By calling a lawyer, an injured party can be sure they are taking every important step necessary to support and build their claim.Usually, an auto accident attorney has a doctor to whom he sends clients. Now, this doctor is not out to be dishonest or to drum up maladies that do not exist. Instead he knows what insurance liability and claims agents need to see and so he knows what to look for and what to report. It is critical to go as soon as possible even if there is no pain or indication of injury. A doctor will tell you that because of the excitement and adrenaline of a collision often injuries do not manifest until days sometimes weeks later.Besides putting their client on the right track toward supporting their claim, an auto accident attorney will fight to get the maximum amount possible. Often, insurance companies or at fault parties will try to settle for significantly less than is warranted in these situations. These settlements do not always cover even the medical bills let alone the loss of employment, mobility or pleasure. If a person is forced to quit working or change careers it is appropriate for them to get remuneration to cover their loss of wages.An auto accident attorney above all else is an ally in the fight to get justice after a devastating wreck. The insurance and legal field is filled with peril and confusing, sometimes contradictory information. It is certain that the other parties will have lawyers working hard to minimize their culpability, so it is only fair that one even the odds and utilize a professional to go up against them and seek some measure of recuperation of losses.

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