Bankruptcy Attorney: How To Find A Good One


A bankruptcy attorney is a legal professional who deals primarily with
cases concerning clients with financial problems. There are
subspecialties in this field of law some of which may be focused on
business or corporate dealings while others are more focused on the
individual or as legal aid to those who need it.


The requirements for a professional to be able to practice this form of
law is to actually have a degree in law. Undergraduates can actually
start by focusing on this aspect of legalities as early as they want to
while those who may have already graduated in law can have additional
studies in this field. New or old graduates can take up additional
studies pertaining to this field of the law. A bankruptcy attorney can
specialize in subspecialties or actually concentrate on a larger field.
Other requirements to practice in this field of law are to be a member
of certain associations which may be concentrated on the financial side
and to actually have follow-up examinations and seminars pertinent to
this field. Lawyers usually have some additional studies and seminars to
update their field. Some of them also belong to certain reputable
establishments or associations that may be influential in the field of

Where to Look

A recommendation from friends and relatives who may have used the
services of a bankruptcy attorney is one of the most ways of finding
one. This is actually quite useful because the person who is
recommending has actually used the services of the professional and
should have achieved success with it. Of course, the prospective client
should have some degree of trust in the person who is recommending. Word
of mouth from acquaintances and people who have just not may not be
reliable. It is also a good idea to initially do some research on the
firm even if it is just on the internet. If this does not bring up
information pertinent to one’s purposes, getting information the
old-fashioned way may be the way to do it.

Another place to look for a bankruptcy attorney is the internet. Most
professionals advertise their achievements and their services via the
World Wide Web. Although it may seem unreliable at first glance, some
sites have reviews of the legal professional. Some also give their
contact numbers and addresses as well as explain their field of
expertise. It is important to note, though, that reputable legal offices
have more streamlined sites and more professional looking ones as well.
It is imperative that a discreet call be made to the office and some
inquiries be made in person to be able to establish if it is a suitable
firm for one’s purposes or not. Asking the firm’s secretary may yield
biased answers but is can also yield enlightening ones as well.

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