Injured in a Car Accident? Get a Lawyer


Hiring a lawyer may be the farthest thing from your mind when you have been in a car accident. There are so many things to deal with: communicating with insurance companies, collecting estimates for repairs to your vehicle (or getting a new car if yours is beyond repair), scheduling and getting to doctor’s appointments, and taking time off from work all scream for your attention. If you or a loved one have been injured to the point of requiring hospitalization, there is an added dynamic to deal with, as well. However, it is precisely because of all of these pressing and stressful elements of dealing with a car accident that you can use the help of an experienced car accident lawyer who is knowledgeable about Pennsylvania law.Serious accidents occur daily on Pennsylvania roadways. For example, just last week, a multi-vehicle accident in Philadelphia resulted in the death of one woman and serious injury to three other people. The deceased was at a standstill on I-95 due to traffic when her car was slammed into by another driver. The initial accident then caused a chain reaction of other accidents, closing the freeway for several hours. This car accident happened only about an hour after an earlier accident involving a tractor-trailer had also been cleared from I-95.When car accidents such as these result in injury, it is important that the accident victim receive the medical care that they need. It is equally important, however, that those responsible for the accident be held accountable for any expenses that are incurred by the victims. These expenses include not only short-term and long-term medical care, but also compensation for any damage to property. Victims may also be entitled to remuneration of any lost wages as a result of the car accident. In addition, if the accident means that the victim cannot continue to work or cannot continue in a current line of work, a fair and just settlement might take into account loss of future income, as well as reparation for a loss of quality of life.Without the legal counsel of an experienced car accident lawyer, it is impossible for an accident victim to know or understand what types of recompense are available under Pennsylvania law. This is why, in addition to all of the other phone calls that need to be made following a car accident, one of the first calls made should be to a car accident lawyer in Pennsylvania who can provide you with the legal advice you need and will be able to lift some of the stress and anxiety from you and your family members so that you can focus on the task of healing and recovering from your injuries.



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