Avoiding Auto Accidents with Other Motorcycle Riders

With the assistance of a San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer from Barrus Injury Lawyers, a motorcycle accident victim was recently awarded with a maximum policy limits settlement for injuries sustained after a careless driver suddenly pulled out in front of him on the road.

It’s common for motorcycle riders to sustain injuries in collisions caused by other riders, who are often friends they’re travelling with in a group. Although your San Antonio motorcycle accident attorney will tell you that larger vehicles like trucks and cars are the causes behind the majority of motorcycle accidents, serious crashes have occurred when motorcycle riders move along the road in groups.

If you were caught in a car crash involving a group of motorcycles, you may be hesitant to file a personal injury claim against your friend/s. However, your motorcycle accident lawyer San Antonio will tell you that you’re not actually filing a claim against them, but against their insurance companies—it’s what insurance is for in the first place. Moreover, if your injuries required medical care and extensive repairs to your motorcycle, you can only receive compensation by filing a claim.

At Barrus Injury lawyers, our San Antonio motorcycle accident attorney recommend following these tips when riding in a group.

Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

Before hitting the road as a group, be sure everyone knows the route, as well as when and where to stop. The most experienced riders in the group should also lead and tail the group, so be sure to assign placements.

Communicate on the Road

Be sure to pay attention to other motorists, as well as the other members of your group. Communicate with each other using hand signals, and have someone take the role of lead rider to inform the rest of the group of upcoming hazards.

Ride and Pass in Formation

Although it may be tempting to ride in pairs as group, it’s actually better to move in a staggered formation, as it’s easier to switch to single-file formation when making turns and tackling curves. Likewise, take a single-file formation when passing vehicles on the road, leaving enough space behind you for the others in the group to follow.

Proper Motorcycle Maintenance

Key to safety is having a properly maintained motorcycle. Before you embark on your trip, make sure to check the following:

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