The Awful Part Time Maid

This ugly depiction of a part time maid may horrify some of you, but it actually is happening. Today, in this day and age, an awful part time maid lurks around with her own sets of rules.

This part time maid steps into our home with an air of someone of a much more superior stature. She will clean the house gingerly but will not sweep or even look under the beds, chairs, sofas, tables and everything else. She will push dirt under the beds if she does not want to pick it up. She then will proceed to the kitchen to clean and wash the dishes. If you have a dishwasher, she is happy. If you do not, she will grumble, unforgiving. This part time maid will simply put the dishes under running tap water unless you come to check on her. If you do, she will of course try to use soap on the dirty dishes. The part time maid does not wipe the dishes, and then replaces them on the rack, wet as a sponge.

The part time maid is in charge of her own time. She decides when she is available and when she can clean it. If we want her to clean during her so called peak hours, she will charge extra for it. This part time maid has her way, otherwise you will have to find a replacement which will take extra time and effort. Had enough already?

Luckily part time maid companies do checks on their part time maids. They prefer to get maids who make the lives of their clients very easy and not such an ordeal.

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