Tips To Choose a Suitable Machine for Tile Cleaning

Tile cleaning falls in the category of hard surface cleaning. In many ways, cleaning the tiles and marbles is an easier job than some of the other hard surface cleaning tasks. Part of the reason is the low adhesive power of these surfaces.

However, porous tiles accumulate grease, dirt and other substances, making the cleaning process extremely difficult. Therefore, in some ways, tile cleaning is different from and slightly more complex than cleaning some of the other types of hard surfaces.

For instance, tiled floors are normally indoor surfaces. The cleaning has to be carried out inside a building or near a building. All these factors make choosing a machine for tile cleaning a bit difficult. The following tips would make the purchasing job easier.

Low flow machines
For tile cleaning, the ideal machine is the one that should not make the surface overly wet. If the tiled surfaces remain wet for a long time after cleaning, the purpose of cleaning will be lost. These surfaces quickly become the gathering ground of further dirt buildup.

Floor steamers are best suited for the task of cleaning tile and grout. These machines can quickly melt dirt substances with their high temperature output. The main advantage is that the tiles dry up quickly after cleaning.

For this purpose, it would be far more useful, if you use a floor steamer with dry vapour output. These machines provide superheated water as output, in which the liquid water content is less than 5 percent of the output. Such machines not just provide a sharper output, but ensure that the cleaned surfaces dry up extremely quickly too.

However, in commercial and industrial settings with proper drainage, higher pressure wet steam pressure washers work the best for tile cleaning.

Attached vacuum
Some of the modern steam cleaners offer a vacuuming feature that conventional steam cleaning machines never had. With conventional machines, cleaning workers could only melt or displace the impurities. They extracted the impurities separately by using a brush or a towel or using a separate vacuum machine.

Modern steam cleaners equipped with an attached vacuum dispel the need to resorting to such inconvenient measures. Once the output of the machines finishes melting the dirt, the attached vacuum extracts the dirt residues. Such floor cleaning machines are best for the purpose.

Value added features
Since tile grout cleaning involves mostly interior cleaning, it would be beneficial if the machine extracts dirt and dust in the air too. What you need is a machine that is an excellent hard floor cleaner and an air purifier. Some of the modern steam cleaning machines offer the option of purifying the air too.

These floor steam cleaning machines are equipped with HEPA air filters. Such machines can extract dust particles and other micro impurities present in the air. HEPA filters are sophisticated filters that can extract particles of size as low as 0.3 microns.

In short, a hard tile floor cleaner with HEPA filters can extract the solid dirt on the floor as well as minute dust particles in the air.

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