A Look At The Different Types Of Oak Flooring

Oak flooring is very popular these days, if you are also thinking about installing the oak floors in your home you should know the various options available. This would help you to make an informed decision. Here is a look at the various types of oak flooring available in the market.

Real oak flooring or solid oak flooring: The real oak flooring is made of timber. The timber used in this type of flooring is 100 percent original. This flooring is a really expensive option. The price however differs according to the type of timber used, the total length of the boards, the actual width of the boards and the board’s thickness.
The real oak flooring can be used to replace the original flooring. Also the flooring can be refinished time and again. It has one problem that when it is laid over the under floor heating system, it can actually create some problems.

Engineered oak flooring: The engineered oak flooring is really good. It is made up from a solid top part of a board that can actually be as thick as 10mm. This top part is bonded on to another type of timber. It can be a ply or a birch.

The engineered oak flooring is really beneficial. It is much more stable than the other flooring types. It is also less prone to cupping and twisting. The floors can also work in the rooms with a provision for under floor heating.
Like the solid or real oak flooring, this type of flooring can also be refinished over and over again for as long as you want to.
Lacquered oak flooring: The Lacquered oak flooring has become very popular in the recent years. The Lacquered ok flooring is called as such because it features a Lacquered finish. This finish is accomplished by the use of varnish as well as the acrylic lacquer to help polish the wood.

The lacquered oak flooring is much smoother than the normal oak flooring. The smoothness is the result of the varnish being applied with the help of the brush strokes as well as with the help of the air sprays.
In some cases more than one layers of varnish may be applied to increase the smoothness of the oak floor. The added smoothness also makes the floor shinier and more beautiful. The smoothness also makes the floor easier to clean. The flooring can be easily cleaned with the help of damp clothing. This method of cleaning is really cost effective.

The lacquered oak flooring is also hard and is more resistant to pressure as compared to the normal oak. It is also much more cost effective in comparison to the other flooring materials, which are delicate and hence can break easily. The flooring has to be just polished from time to time to maintain the smooth appearance.

The lacquered or brushed and oiled oak flooring is really good and is really beautiful to look at apart from being really durable.

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