For Bathroom Floor Tiles Look No Further Than Ceramic

It’s a vital decision to make, yet can be such a headache because there is so much choice: which colour? Which material? What size? Patterned or plain? Shiny, glossy or matte finish? Landscape or portrait?.. And I’ve gone cross-eyed.

That’s right selecting which bathroom floor tiles will adorn your newly refurbished bathroom is an important decision – it can make or break the entire look of your bathroom. Instead of investing heavily in the perfect bathroom suite, a large proportion of your renovation budget should be invested in bathroom floor tiles as, believe it or not; they are the most vital component of the perfect sanctuary.

Now the most important factor to take into account when choosing bathroom floor tiles, and I hate to sound boring here, is safety. It’s unpractical if you have the most elegant shiny flooring that when wet turns into a death trap. But you can combine elegance and style with practicality these days as most quality bathroom floor tiles are waterproof and slip proof.

There are many different materials to choose from when selecting bathroom floor tiles, but one of the most popular remains stone simply because of its timeless qualities – it never goes out of fashion and is extremely hard wearing and easy to clean. Limestone and marble are just about the most sought after although naturally it is at the higher end of the market.

Those of you looking for a cheaper alternative to stone bathroom floor tiles, look no further than ceramic. Ceramic bathroom floor tiles offer the same qualities as stone flooring and they have the added benefits of being less slippery than stone. Plus, ceramic tiles come in a larger variety of colours and styles.

By implementing colour in your bathroom via floor tiles, this can be extremely effective, more so than you may imagine. The first thing that people recognise when entering a room is the colour emanating upwards so bold colourways on your floor can be a very powerful expression.

Feature tiles are becoming more popular, as are larger sized tiles as opposed to smaller scale tiles, although mosaic tiling remains in vogue despite being more expensive and more time consuming to lay.

Of course you can never go wrong with natural colours or bold prime colours, many contemporary designs are kept simple and to a minimum, unfussy, uncomplicated and inoffensive in design terms.

Ceramic bathroom floor tiles prevent humidity and therefore the development of germs and fungi that are attracted to impermeable areas, that is why you’ll notice most swimming pools have ceramic tiled flooring. They are also easy to clean – cleaning with detergents will not stain or discolour ceramic, so no need to invest in fancy cleaning agents.

The beauty of online shopping is that you don’t need to waste valuable weekend time mooching around showrooms and stores, scratching your head and getting overloaded with swatches. Choosing your flooring should not be a rushed decision but by the same token it should not be a lengthy process either as complicating matters with a multitude of choices will result in nothing more than a headache and a negative attitude towards the entire bathroom refurbishment. Many online stores offer high resolution images of their tiles of all different types, styles, designs and colours. DIY shopping has become that little bit easier!

Shaun Parker is an interior designer with many years of experience in the bathroom design industry. Find out more about bathroom floor tiles at