Do it Yourself DIY Plumbers Furnace Repairs Get the Best Tools You Can Afford

If you plan to do a fair amount of plumbing repairs yourself, then your tools become as if they are your right and left hands. Tools are what make the work man or woman into a person who can get the job done professionally and with ease.

On top of that most plumbing tools of course can be used for other do-it-yourself tasks and projects around the house, condo, cottage or apartment. It seems that no matter how much or how little you will plan to use a particular tool or set of tools the basic rule of life applies – get the best tool of the type that you can afford. Some even say to over spend past your apparent limit. It will pay off in spades. You seldom hear of anyone complaining that either they should not of bought a particular tool or overspent. On the contrary it is usually – I should of spent a bit more and got the more high quality, more expensive tool. Often a good tool will last you a life time , or be solidly guaranteed as such whereas cheap tools are usually poor made and forged and are basically throw away low quality items.

Although the tools that you decide to purchase depend on how deeply you are involved in home plumbing as well as heating system / furnace repairs , in general and in plumbing projects in particular there are some certain specific tools that no self respecting do-it-yourselfer wannabe tradesman plumber should definitely have in stock in his , hers or their toolbox.

For working with older heavy duty galvanized steel or cast iron pipes, you will need pipe wrenches. These wrenches are generally used in pairs; one hold like a vice while the other turns a fitting or a pipe. A chain wrench is used for larger galvanized steel or cast-iron pipes and a strap-wrench- which works on the same principle as the chain wrench – can be used on polished or plastic popes without damaging them.

Copper pipe and copper tubing require some special tools. Since you should avoid using a hacksaw on copper pipe, be sure to have a tubing cutter in your toolbox. A small-size cutter. Moreover makes it much easier to work in cramped quarters, and you will be amazed at how many plumbing chores are performed in fairly cramped surroundings. Lastly you will need a good propane torch for sweat soldering and a flaring tool for making flare connections at pipe joints.

Lastly very few tools – none of them really special are required when working on or with plastic pipe. Yet don’t think for a moment that even though most of the piping you have installed as a handyman in your home , neighbors or relatives are generally plastic pipes ,and that plastic pipes are easy to work with ,inexpensive as well as all you have installed , that you will never encounter in your handyman travels only plastic pipes. In any older home or for other uses no doubt you will come across and be forced to work with older ( or even newer) pipes and pipe systems that use either copper or galvanized steel or even iron pipes and conduits. Be prepared fully for these events with proper tools. Proper tools make the tradespeople or the best most competent to get the job done DIY do it yourself-er.

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