Do it Yourself SEO for Small Businesses

Do it yourself SEO isn’t just about saving money – it’s about understanding the mechanics behind how people find your website and what makes them convert once they are there. However, not every aspect of SEO can or should be self-managed and in such cases you can hire a competent service provider to meet your needs. This is true regardless of where your business is based – you can hire a Pittsburgh SEO company even if you live in LA, for example. Whatever you choose, it’s imperative that your efforts and the efforts of your web design or search engine optimization company balance and bolster each other. For this reason you should take advantage of the following do it yourself SEO techniques, and leave the rest of your search marketing needs to the professionals.

Social Media

Social Media like Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Technorati and other social and bookmarking sites play a massive role in establishing trust and authority for your website. Search engines want you to participate in social media by creating business pages where customers can interact with each other and with your company. This creates powerful branding opportunities and shows the search engines how well-liked your site is. The more social buzz you create using social media, the higher you’ll place in search results. For instance, the SEO strategy of one Pittsburgh seafood restaurant included a coupon for a free appetizer that was only available by “liking” the restaurant’s Facebook page. And while this business absorbed the cost of these freebies, they reaped the benefits on the backend not only by gaining customers and creating brand loyalty, but by creating a social buzz that the search engines recognized and accounted for when returning search results.

Content Development

Writing your own content is one of the most effective Do it Yourself SEO tactics you can engage in. This means to stock your website with fresh, unique content that is properly optimized. You can do this by adding a blog or articles page to your website and writing content that is relative to your business or your industry overall. There is a saying that is touted from small TN based web companies to expert Pittsburgh SEO service providers that “Content is King,” and judging by the recent search algorithm updates made by Google, this is clearly true. Your website should be content-rich and updated as often as possible in order to stay appealing to both human visitors and search bots, and you can write all of this content in your spare time. In fact, a single blog page added once per week will generally give your website a distinct advantage over your static competitors.

Article Marketing

By writing articles that are related to your products, services, changes or innovations in your industry, or just your take on certain subjects, you can generate a large amount of relevant traffic to your website by publishing these articles on sites for syndication purposes. Article marketing is free yet extremely effective and when done correctly can lead to the development of thousands of backlinks – critical components for successful Do it Yourself SEO strategies.


As another example, a new Pittsburgh pet-related site integrated SEO by blogging – though they may have started this a little late. The first year the site put up a few static pages and waited for visitors to arrive. When they didn’t, a client who had first-hand knowledge about Pittsburgh SEO tactics suggested they add a blog page to their site or an independent blog site to support the main site. The owners chose to do both, writing short posts twice per week about pet care. Within a month their traffic doubled. Within 2 months, the traffic that was arriving at the site was overwhelming and the owners opted to hire a professional SEO and web design firm, also located in Pittsburgh, to manage the site, and the owners then concentrated only on new business development.

Press Releases

If you can write at a 6th grade level or higher, you can write and use press releases to significantly bolster your Do it Yourself SEO efforts. Press releases only need to be 300-400 words and when submitted correctly can result in thousands of links from a single release. However, you must ensure that you’re writing about news-worthy events such as the launch of a new website, the hiring of a new, critical employee, special events or functions, or some other “news.” By developing a list of editors and PR companies you can submit press releases that you write for free.

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However, not everyone has the time, knowledge or desire to manage these tasks themselves. If you’re ready to take action but you want professionals on your side, you need an expert Pittsburgh SEO company that understands the unique dynamics of your customers and where they do business.

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