Polished Concrete Vs. Ceramic Tiles

The increase of demand for concrete polishing among consumers has shown rapid increase. This may be seen in the change of usage by some commercial establishments. Meanwhile the manufacturers who keep improving design and the technology their conventional products keep it at par to the present entering technology.

An example of a floor finish that is conventional is the ceramic tile. A ceramic tile is a material that differs from polished concrete because of its characteristics. When installing polished concrete, one can see that it is smooth and even while ceramic tile usually presents itself in grid-like patterns.

One characteristic of the polished concrete is its high tensile strength which is affected by the type and thickness of application. Achieving an ideal compact, hardened and non-porous characteristic requires following specific procedures. Attaining this will give the consumer a finish that deters stain and maintain its sheen for a long time.

Ceramic tiles are laid on an unfinished concrete floor using adhesives before sealed by tile grouts. This does not promises avoidance on breakage and the capability to carry great weight. This is also the reason that ceramic tiles are not generally use on surfaces that require traffic of heavy materials such as an industrial plant.

Decorating with ceramic tiles and polished concrete is not really a problem. Tiles of unique colors and shades are readily available on the market. Tints, colorants and stains are the counterpart for decorating with concrete polishing.

Ease of maintenance is a great factor that will determine the efficiency of polished concrete over ceramic tiles. Cleaning a polished concrete floor surface only require a simple wiping of a moist rag. Cleaning a ceramic tile surface on the other hand, takes up more time because of the grooves which tend to be the place where dust settles.

In reviewing these comparisons we are faced by the conclusion that polished concreted floors are better than ceramic tiles. The strength, non-porosity and ease of maintenance are just some of the listed advantages polished concrete flooring won over ceramic tile flooring.

A polished concrete floor was proven better than a ceramic tile floor finish. The method of concrete polishing made consumers enjoy its benefits. Continue researching and learning more about concrete polishing. Who knows, maybe you too can enjoy its benefits soon!