Cleaning With Enviro Steamer

If you have a lot of hardwood floors or tiled areas, you should get yourselves an ENVIRO Steamer. This is one simple hard surface floor cleaning machine that makes a job easier. It uses no chemicals and you can get the job done much faster with no interruptions or distractions.

The truth is that many professionals are already using ENVIRO Steamers to clean all of the hardwood and tile floors. The hot steam not only cleans floors, but it kills bacteria, mold, dust mites, and germs. This is especially important if you have small children.

Some old models had problems with magic pads. If you were not extra careful, i.e. if you didn’t keep enough pressure on it, magic pad would slip out from under the bottom of the machine. Simply, there was nothing that could hold the magic pad in place. But the new models, like Eureka HomeWorks Model 311, don’t have that problem. Also, new models have square head to reach into corners. The older models, like Eureka Enviro Steamer Model 300, had rounded head.

Another great thing about Model 311 is that it has ergonomic handle. This handle is contoured at the top. Also, a soft hand grip was added to make it much easier for handling and maneuvering.

The good thing about magic pads is that when they get dirty, you can toss them into a washing machine. You will be able to use them many times, so investing some money here may be beneficial. Don’t dry them in a dryer though. This is because they can shrink up. That will make them almost impossible to fit on the head of the machine. It is important that you wash them in cool settings and dry them in air but away from sunlight.

Use distilled water, because hard water deposits can build up on parts of the pump, placing an extra load on the motor. This way it will last longer. Also, you should keep in mind that a gallon of distilled water is way cheaper than a bottle of cleaning solution.

ENVIRO Steamer is a real time saver. Unlike traditional methods of cleaning, it doesn’t require any vacuum bags. And you don’t have to walk with a bucket full of dirty water around. Also, you don’t have to dry floors with a soft absorbent cloth. The floor dries quickly, because the steam evaporates almost immediately. But remember to be very careful all the time. The steam is extremely hot and can splash off of the floor and come back at you.

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