Installation Of Handscraped Hard Wood Floors

There are quite a few good reasons for installing handscraped hard wood floors in Plano homes. A true hand scraped floor will provide a truly unique, custom touch to your floors, adding an extra touch of character to your home. These floors can be custom finished to add touches of antiquity to your floors so that even if your home is only a year old, the floors can be made to look like they have been there for a hundred years or more. This can be especially useful in homes or specific rooms decorated to reflect more classical tastes, or themed rooms that aim to recall times past.

The process of creating a true hand scraped finish can be time consuming and expensive, but is well worth the effort. In a true handscraped floor, you will see a variety of nicks, cuts, scrapes, holes and textures all created to craft the illusion of history to the floors. Tools that may be used include pretty much anything you can think of. A gifted installer may use wire brushes to bring out the grain of the wood, drills to mimic wormholes, sanders to wear paths through high traffic areas or create a texture and just about any other means they can to create the perfect effect. It is not unusual to see saw marks left over unsanded at the ends of planks to give a more rustic effect.

To save money and time, many companies have come up with ways to mechanize the hand-scraping procedure, but none of them yet produce the seemingly random effect that a human can create. Various machines will be used to distress the wood, creating the illusion of handscraping on a few planks, but as you look through the wood manufactured in this manner you soon see a pattern emerge. If you are looking simply for the old style look and not going for uniqueness, or to create a specific effect, you can use these pre-finished handscraped woods to create your floor. They do save a good bit of money, but as of right now, machines cannot recreate the beautiful work a human can create.

Imagine your family heirloom dining room table and chairs sitting under a classic candle chandelier, with an old-looking handscraped hard wood floor. It is the perfect way to show off your heirlooms with family, and the true handscraped floors make your dining room a conversation piece all its own. This is just one of many examples of ways that you could used handscraped hard wood floors in Plano. There are many others. As with anything else, it is your house, and your imagination is pretty much the limit.

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