Advantages of Wide Plank Flooring

Centuries old craftsmanship expressed their elegance in wide plank flooring. As the urge for warmth and comfort in one’s home grows, so many people want to belong top quality furnishings. You can find abundant flooring materials which are hard pressed to provide the full range offered by wood plank flooring, giving you, the homeowner, your very own piece of paradise.

Homes are safety havens where families form amazing memories. Typically the house that you develop is reminiscent of the life you lead. For countless people, it is instinctive to design it with treasures like everlasting wood plank flooring that gives it a distinctive quality. The definite elegance, magnificence and durability which real wood flooring is known for, provides a wonderful furnishing for your home, giving value to this significant place where your life unfolds.


Wide plank flooring reminds us of the style used by previous colonial eras. The custom in constructing houses throughout those periods was the use of top quality and robust real wood flooring. The distinct appearance and feel that it elicits is the consequence of competent processes that master carpenters utilize to manufacture skillfully milled wooden planks.

Taking on the time honored traditions of centuries gone by, nowadays builders endeavor to recreate that similar craftsmanship, using old reclaimed flooring, wood plank flooring and boards. As well as endorsing the protection of the environment, reclaimed flooring re-establishes your appreciation for the rustic expression reminiscent of a period abundant with history.


Many reasons come to mind as to why you should pick real wood flooring and wide plank flooring for your home. The list below are only a few of the benefits you receive from fitting wooden floors:

o Real wood flooring is functional, flexible and long-lasting. There is a wide selection of wood plank flooring to choose from that will meet your taste.

o They are extremely easy to install, you can even do it yourself.

o Real wood flooring involves low maintenance and is so tough that they last for many, many years.

o Real wood flooring helps to contain allergens that can affect your health. You can easily remove dust, animal fluff and other allergens by cleaning your floors with non-toxic products.

o Solid wood floors prove to be profound investments over time as it adds worth and charm to your home.

o Reclaimed flooring supports the preservation of the environment, as it is sustainable and recyclable, hence does not lead to the reduction of natural resources. With the increase in woods being reclaimed, the demand for wooden flooring is being met without exhausting Mother Nature.

o The warmth, comfort, and convenience of wide plank flooring made from genuine wood are beyond compare. The rich history that characterizes wood flooring gives you a sense of nostalgia, linking you with preceding generations.
Wide plank flooring undeniably brings out the beauty of your home. Improve the exquisite spirit of your house by choosing from the wide selection of styles and designs that best match your mood and tastes.

With wide plank flooring, you are guaranteed a degree of satisfaction that other materials are unable to offer. So why else would you yearn for something less than the splendid selections of real wood flooring to embellish your home?

Enhance the beauty and style of your home with the timeless elegance of wide plank flooring and create your ultimate living space. Visit us today to indulge your senses.

Author Reece Michaels is a home improvement and DIY enthusiast. As the proud owner of various home-related websites he not only offers customers price effective products, but also valuable information and inspiration related to enhancing, decorating, renovating and furnishing your home. So whether you are looking for unfinished flooring or bed comforters, you can be assured your needs will be met.