Eco Friendly Cleaning

Housework it seems is never done and often it is all too easy to resort to harsh chemicals and energy guzzling appliances to get our chores done. These shortcuts can save us bags of time but quite often they have a negative effect on the environment.

However, there are many natural methods and eco-friendly ways of getting the same results and saving just as much time than modern methods, here are some tips to get started.

We often use harsh, bleaches, soaps, disinfectants and a host of other chemicals to get our homes clean but there are plenty of environmentally friendly alternatives that do just as good a job. Instead of harsh cleaners to wash work surfaces and bathrooms, try mixing baking powder with soap. This is not only friendlier to the environment it also avoids you having to prepare food on a layer of harsh chemicals.

For cleaning the floor and removing stubborn stains try adding vinegar to your water/ baking/powder soap mixture, this will remove the stubbornness of stains. Vinegar can also be used to help polish and clean much of the metal ware we use in the kitchen. And for your silver cutlery try a little toothpaste. As mad as it sounds if you let toothpaste dry and wipe off, you won’t find a better silver cleaner even in a bottle!

If you don’t fancy mixing your own, natural and eco-friendly cleaning kits are available that have even better mixtures of natural ingredients that ca get your house spotless.

Even pests can be got rid of using natural alternatives. Ants, for instance, hate cinnamon, if you sprinkle a little around the nest it will prevent them leaving and they’ll starve or be forced to move and slugs in the garden can be controlled with a few dishes of bowls of beer, this may sound a little crazy too but it works I’ve tried it (they get drunk and drown in the dish).

And when it comes to cleaning our clothes there are plenty of natural alternatives such as magnetic washing machine balls. These genius eco-balls ionize the water and allows it to penetrate deep into the stains. And magnetic balls for toilets are available too.

Richard N Williams is interested in green innovations and writes about them. Please visit our website if you are interested in eco cleaning kits or other eco-friendly products.