Maid of Honor Toasts ? Recalling Memories, Updating Past Experiences and Predicting

Maid of honor toasts are usually delivered by the best girl friend of the bride. She is expected to write wedding messages in recognition and honor to the bride as well as to her future husband. Here are some tips and ideas you need to learn to be able to write a good speech your best friend is expecting from you.

Let’s start discussing by recalling all memories and past experiences. Take a blank sheet of paper and write down all memories you can remember. Some of these may include your first meeting with the groom, one of the most romantic moments they have shown to you, or a breakup where you have helped them ran back to each other. Picking the best moments the couple have experienced is what you must consider about.

Add funny and heart warming statements within your speech. This is a great idea you must remember so you can give extra blossoms to the event. The bride and her groom will not only appreciate these thoughtful, hilarious citations from you. Guests will be also entertained and impressed. Including some humorous lines and words of sentiments is essential to all maid of honor toasts.

Do not also forget to make up stories that may happen in the future. No one can actually predict what will happen tomorrow, the next day, after a few weeks or years. But adding some future predictions in a funny tone will be an interesting part of the speech you would like to share. The couple will surely smile as wide as they can and other guests will laugh out loud. However, you can conclude that you want them to have happiness and contentment today and throughout the years. Predicting the couple’s future with decent and good remarks is the best thing you can share to them.

Finally, enough preparation and practice are other things you must bear in mind. You must be ready to deliver your speech and talk to hundreds of people. Staying true and confident to yourself will give you a better chance of carrying out your wedding messages and toasts successfully and wonderfully.

Keeping these things in your mind will enable you to create the most wonderful speech among maid of honor toasts. All of these are important factors in writing a maid of honor wedding speech. Following the tips provided herein must not be ignored since they are essential help you need.

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