Deciding Between Carpet & Tile Flooring


One of the prime considerations for deciding if carpet or tile is better for your home is the kind of lifestyle you have. Tile is nearly indestructible unless you drop something heavy on it whereas carpet can stain easily. If you have children in the house messes are inevitable, but they will be much easier to clean up off a tile floor. If you have indoor pets then again tile and carpet will act differently. Pet hair can be notoriously difficult to remove from carpet whereas a quick sweep on a tile floor will remove the pet hair.


The climate in which you live can also be a factor. The extreme cold of winter can result in very chilly tile flooring; Calgary winters may make warm carpet more attractive. On the other hand, high levels of humidity and homes without air conditioning can benefit from the cool of tile in the summer.


Professional installation is recommended no matter the type of flooring; Calgary has no lack of available installers. Tile, however, is more time consuming to install. There will be tile dust, and tile saws making loud noises, plus grout and then you can’t walk on it until the grout has set. Carpet installation begins with the laying of an underpad and then special equipment is necessary to stretch and nail or glue down the carpet. Carpet installation takes much less time and is much less intrusive than tile.

Health Issues

Allergies may be an issue with carpet flooring; Calgary does have its share of seasonal allergens. Dust, mold, pollens and other allergens can become easily trapped by carpet and for those with respiratory or allergy issues may find tile floors to be less aggravating to their condition.


Carpet is considered by many to be a base floor covering, meaning that it is little better than the plywood underneath. Despite this you can get some very plush and expensive carpeting that will last longer than the cheaper materials. Even so, carpet will not last nearly as long as a tile floor. The down side to this is that if you get tired of the look of your floor, carpet will be much easier to replace. Both tile and carpet will come with warranties so consider those carefully before making a final decision.

Home Value & Resale Value

Updating an existing worn out floor will likely increase the value of your home. However, if you opt for all tile, you may find that your pool of potential buyers will shrink. Not everybody likes the look and feel of a home that has bedrooms and living areas tiled. If you’re planning on staying in your home a long time then the issue is likely moot, but consider carefully if you’ll be selling before having to once again replace the flooring.

The decision between tile and carpet often comes down to personal choice. The factors above, however, may help you make an informed decision or illuminate some considerations you hadn’t previously been aware of. Find out more about carpet flooring Calgary. Get more information on tile flooring Calgary and flooring Calgary.