Cleaning Classic Car Interior

Antique car care is not something to be taken lightly. These fine classic automobiles require a substantial amount of special care in order to retain their worth and appearance. There are certain requirements involved with caring for a classic car, such as the necessity to clean it with specific materials. It is important to know how to properly clean your old car. The interior can be especially delicate, especially if it is original. Maintaining the inside of the car will take time and a meticulous approach. It does not necessarily need the touch of a professional in order to be done right but you need to know what you are doing. 

Most classic cars are not driven on a regular basis. They tend to be stored somewhere safe until it is time to bring them out for an occasion. Plan to detail the interior of your car regularly. Every few months is usually a safe time frame. If you allow it to sit too long with dust build up and lack of fresh air circulating inside, it can quickly diminish the cleanliness of your car. Neglect will be the first thing to turn your classic beauty into old trash. Do not make the mistake of allowing that to happen. Maintaining one of these cars requires serious commitment. 

Know all of the materials that make up the interior of your car. From leather to various types of plastic, you need to be able to identify them in order to use the proper cleaning materials. When you shop for car care products, ensure that you are using the right items for treating the various materials within your interior. From cloth or leather seats to plastic or metal knobs and dials, the right cleaners will not only clean but also help to reduce the aging of your car’s interior. Stay away from things that are abrasive in any way. They will become a problem with repetitive use. Protectants designed for use on older cars are best. 

If stains or spills do occur in your antique car, use a spot remover that is gentle on all surfaces. Some of these classic cars have been around for many decades. They become fragile over time and you need to be sensitive to that as you clean. If a stain or spot will not lift easily, do not scrub at it. That will likely do more damage than good. Always use a chamois cloth that is made for vehicles. Other forms could leave scratches or other marks. 

Keep a supply of the cleaners you use where you store your classic car. There is no excuse for avoiding a regular cleaning of it. It takes so much work and dedication to own and restore an antique or classic vehicle. The most important thing it really takes though it commitment. Your old car has seen many days and likely many places unknown to you. Take good care of it so that you can accompany it on the next leg of its journey. You will be glad you did.

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