7 Tips On How To Buy Wood Flooring

After saving for a long time, you finally have enough money together to start planning your much needed kitchen renovations. You know exactly what appliances you want and you already have your mind set on which cabinetry should be installed. The lighting has been arranged, the windows have been ordered, and the only thing left on your list is the flooring. The choices are endless, but that does not mean that every type presented to you at the flooring shop is right for you.

Wood flooring in Melbourne is currently quite in style, and for good reason. This flooring is durable, the wood, stain and colour choices are endless, and it has a much warmer appearance than tiles. When you drop a hard object on your wood flooring in Melbourne, it will not crack, the way tiles often do.

When buying your wood flooring and timber floorboards in Melbourne, take the following tips into consideration.

Inform yourself – Shop around before making a final decision. There are many varieties of wood flooring in Melbourne to choose from. Find out the strengths and benefits of each type. You can also ask the advice of a professional.
Measure – Always determine exactly how much flooring materials and timber floorboards in Melbourne you need.  Measure twice to be sure, and add a few extra boards in case you mess up, or you have to replace a few boards later on. Timber flooring styles continuously change and your type may no longer be available in 5 or 10 years. There are many websites explaining how to properly measure your floor space.
Subflooring – Ask around or read about the different types of subflooring you can install. You may also have to remove your old floors. Too many layers of flooring on top of each other will raise your floors substantially, forcing you to cut the bottoms of your doors. It will also be harder to trim around them.
Unfinished or pre-finished – Timber floorboards in Melbourne are either unfinished or pre-finished. If you want a certain floor colour that is currently not available, you may have to buy unfinished materials and stain them yourself. Ask your floor material supplier which stains are suitable for your floorboards, and which ones are less favourable.
Floorboard Widths and Thicknesses – Common solid timber floorboard widths are 80, 85, 110, 130, 180mm. Floorboards are mostly sold in 2 kinds of thickness.
Structural (19mm+) – The length of these floorboards is generally between 6m- 9m
Overlay (12-15mm) – They are shorter than structural boards, and hardly ever come in lengths longer than 2.7m

6.  DIY Vs Installer – Hire an installer if you are not very handy. It will save you money, because if your floors are not done right, it will cost you a lot more to have your work redone. Professionals know what they are doing; most of them will guarantee their work. A timber flooring expert also has all the tools required for the job, can help you later on when some of your timber floorboards need to be replaced, and knows the best flooring suppliers in the city.

7.  Attitude – Only hire a professional installer with a great reputation, and a ‘Do it once, do it right’ attitude. Take your time to check out your options. You won’t regret it!


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