Are Wood Flooring Coating That Important?

Before ordering your wood flooring, you are likely taking a keen interest in the various options available and words such as solid wood or engineered wood are becoming clearer and clearer. Most people however neglect to understand the important part which the coating that covers the floor plays. A good, well suited coating can help prolong the lifespan of the floor and can mean that the floor will reach its foreseeable service expectancy of 30 years.

Are Wood Flooring Coating That Important?

There are two types of flooring widely on offer. These are solid floors which are made from 100% wood and engineered floors which are made from wood, MDF and Plywood. There are also various species which make the wood for the floor, from Oak to Walnut and even to the more exotic Iroko and others. The last consideration, and one which consumers sometimes forget to take into account is the top layer which covers the floor.

Wood flooring coating has two roles. It is used to give the floor a distinctive visual look, be it oily, shiny or of a different colour. It is also used to product the floor from minor damage. Any type of floor which sees daily use is susceptible to damage and wood is not exception. The coating offer some protection from minor scuffs, spills and other flooring hazards, but may also provide functional protection. For example, wood flooring which may receive directly sunlight over large parts of the day will benefit from UV protected coating which will help ensure that sunlight does not damage the floor.

When you look to source wood flooring, take the time to choose the right coating. It may prove very important at the end of the day. Fitting flooring is a heavy financial investment and one which you would want to fit at your home only once.

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