Say Goodbye to Wedding Toast Stress – 7 Idea Joggers For Great Maid of Honor Toasts

If you’re the maid of honor in a wedding this summer, you’ll be giving the maid of honor toast. Commonly given during the wedding reception, this toast has inspired fear in many a maid of honor. But don’t worry. Use this simple list of idea joggers to get you off to a quick start.

To get started

1. Start, of course, with a list of memories that you have with the bride. Maybe you have a photo album you can go through. Don’t worry if the memories are happy or sad. You’re just doing this to get the juices flowing.

2. Talk to bride’s family. Ask what stands out in their minds about you and the bride or their family. Use these as memory jogs.

3. If you are long time friends, think back to stories from your childhood together. Use your differences to throw the bride into relief.

To get personalized to the bride and groom

4. Think of what the bride used to say about the groom when they began dating. Was he geeky or slick? Did he seem the ideal fit or unlikely? The more specific you can get, the better.

5. Ask the bride what she was looking for in a husband and vice versa. Then you can discuss the special qualities they found in each other.

6. If the bride and groom are spiritual, think of a time that spirituality has given them strength or brought them closer together.

To pull it together

7. A great quote. To find a unique quote, open up a thesaurus and quotation site side-by-side in your internet browser. Put an appropriate word in the thesaurus and find a good synonym. Then look for quotes on the synonym. For example, I found “bond” as a synonym for “matrimony”. The quotation page gave me, “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. By Richard Bach” There’s a wonderful quote you might not find by searching on “love” or “marriage”.

That should get you started. Just remember, to make it personal, keep it specific. Don’t settle for “she’s really generous” when you can instead tell about the time she gave up her place on the team for you.

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