Do-it-yourself Concrete Restoration

Cracks frequently happen on concrete surfaces such as driveways and walkways. These can be caused by reasons such as wear and tear, water, old age, and even temperature changes. No matter what caused those small cracks creeping on your garage floor, you should repair them before they become a major problem.
Before trying to repair the crack, you should first check if you have the necessary safety precautions. Make sure that your eyes are properly protected from bits of chipped cement that could get into them. You should also make sure that you are wearing gloves in order to protect your hands.
The first thing you need to do to repair the crack is remove the damaged part of the concrete. You can do this by carefully chipping it off with a hammer and a chisel. You should continue chipping the damaged concrete until you are about an inch deep.
After chipping the concrete, you will now undercut the edges of the part that you just chipped away. The bottom should be deeper than the surface, so you should end up with walls that slant inward, like a triangle-shaped cavity. This is done in concrete restoration so that the new cement filling will not easily come off when it has dried.
Get rid of all debris and rubble from the floor and moisten the area for a day. Getting rid of the rubble removes formation of large air pockets that might form, which make the filling brittle. Moistening the area helps the cement filling to adhere to the inside of the hole so it will not break off easily after concrete restoration.
The following day, mix three parts of cement with one part water to create a thick cement paste. Fill the hole that you just made with the cement paste, and apply a thinner cement mixture (about two parts cement and one part water) to cover the surface. After setting it for a couple of hours, cover the area in order to hold moisture, and spray some water on it a couple of times a day for an entire week. Congratulations! You have successfully done concrete restoration.

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