Wood Looking Ceramic Tile Giving The Essence Of Wood

Wood look Ceramic tile is a great option to go for when it come to flooring to give your home the ultimate wooden finish. Now you dont have to be worried about many things that came along with the wooden tiles such as their maintenance, scratches, finishing and refinishing, you dont have to bother about the moisture content of the area or about the stains.
Benefits of wood look tile over traditional wood:
These wood look tile has many benefits and can be used anywhere you want in the bathroom, bedroom or even in the areas with high traffic and they would be able to sustain for years together and that too with absolutely zero maintenance. The benefits of Wood like tiles are many, they are maintenance free, they have a very smooth and even texture frees you off the tensions like moisture because they are moisture resistant. Wood look Ceramic tile is also fire and high temperature resistant and unlike wood would not release toxic emissions neither do they feed the fire. They are stain resistant and easy to clean and also they are resistant to any chemical damage unlike wood.

Where to buy?
There are many online stores which offer you a wide variety of wood look tiles whereas ceramic tile that look like wood is not so easy to find in a local home improvement store or other offline stores. Online stores give you a wide range with different sizes, shades, colors, finish and patterns. Online stores help you make an informed decision because the look of the wood tiles, their sizes and finishes are neatly mentioned of which you can choose the best that suits your style well.

Variety of wood look tile:
Wood like tile comes in wide range of varieties. Different patterns, finishes, colors & types. Cherry wood look, Pecan wood look, Tan wood look, Walnut wood look, Natural wood look, Tobacco wood look, Antik timber wood look are some to go for along with many others. If worn out look is what appeals to you the best then you can go for wood look tile patterns that are available in blue, green, beige and white colors which gives a worn out old wood style with zero maintenance. You can also play with colors and patterns to create your own style such as laying two different patterns of wood look tiles according to the design of your choice.

The wood look ceramic tiles come in almost the same price as of hardwood flooring but the benefit lies in the costs incurred in further maintenance after you have brought them. As ceramic tile come with zero maintenance it make the best choice to go for.
Nowadays, the porcelain tile looks so natural that it gives out the essence of wood to the flooring giving it a complete natural wood look.

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