Wood Floor Restoration Techniques

Of course, if you would have untouched floor, and perfect void environment in your house, then your floor will certainly last more than 50 years. However, you drop the different things on the floor; move the furniture causing the scratches, spill the various liquids, and the wood floor is damaged. When thinking about floor renovation, there is not need to remove it completely, there are several restoration techniques, which will help to restore your floor.

Restoration Techniques

Any floor, from basement to the attic requires repair during its life. Smaller cracks and imperfections can be fixed easily. The most popular restoration technique is sanding, staining and coating with the polyurethane. This method restores the wood floor by removing lightly the surface layer of the floor, use the sander. The minor imperfections will be removed and the floor will be prepared for the new coat of finish, oil-based or water-based polyurethane.

In addition, the liquid renewal system can be applied to your wood floor. If the finish is worn out, then the wood will be damaged, so the perfect solution in this case is to refinish the entire surface if it is necessary. If the damage is only on one board of the floor, then there is option to replace only this portion of the floor.

The burns, cuts, gouges, holes, cracks and stains will appear shortly if there is no proper finish. From time, the mounting boards can become weak, and as a result, the floor will squeak and deflect. Fortunately, all these problems can be eliminated quite simply. The cracks appear because of the range changes in the temperature scale, especially if the climate is too dry. Use angled nails and the crack can be narrowed down. If you fill up with latex wood caulk, you can hide the small cracks. The waxing cannot hide the gouges, bumps and lumps.

Stains on the floor and charred places should be smooth out; the loose nailed boards can be nailed down. In case some boards are damaged seriously, your project will be more complicated and you have to replace them, so no traces of repair will be distinguished. Use circular saw, chisel, and the wood floor. The replacement sections should be of the same color as you entire floor. Once the old section is removed, measure and cut the new pattern of the floor and work in into the place.

In case the wood floor is too damaged and have to be replaced completely, ask the professional advices. Of course, the cost of your renovation project floor will be significantly more, but the floor will look new in a very short period of time and you will avoid any difficulties and troubles.

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